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2023 Club Show Results

Open Show Spring

Judge: Mr. David Lee (Socksdown)

Best in Show –  Heythrop TopsyTurvey

Reserve Best in Show – Ch Minden Magnum at Ratscallion

Best Dog- Ch Minden Magnum at Ratscallion

Reserve Best Dog - Pacolito Resurrection;

Best Bitch - Heythrop TopsyTurvey

Reserve Best Bitch- Riplington Dream Image

Best Puppy in Show – Digaden Jinntipple

Reserve Best Puppy in Show  – Heythrop Tamar

Best Veteran in Show – Riplington Dream Image

Reserve Best Veteran in Show  – Ch Cleeve Hill Kasper

My warmest thanks to Officers / Committee and Members for the invitation and honour to Judge your Breed Clubs Open Show. A Lovely entry of 52 awaited me, at this lovely venue.

I would also convey my thanks to my two ring Stewards Evie Tinegate and Robert Oulton, for your efficiency in the ring truly made things run smoothly. To the Exhibitors my sincere thanks for the wonderful entry I truly appreciate your support the Breed, the Club and myself as todays Judge I had a very enjoyable day again Thank You All.

Veteran Dog (2,1)

  1. Blair, Blair and Hadley - Ch Cleeve Hill Kasper; well known and well-deserved Champion. White dog whom Ive had the pleasure to have judged before and still defies his age he has a strong shaped head, dark keen eyes, well set ears , good strong reach of neck , straight front spannable and he still moves well. Reserve Best Veteran in Show.


Minor Puppy Dog (2,1)

  1. Rimmer’s- Plunkett Woody At Kylini; stood alone smart looking pup, has a strong shaped head correct bite, straight front in good body moves well.

Puppy Dog (2,1)

  1. Biglands - Heythrop Tamar; a tri in a good overall condition, has good head correct dentition straight front with well lay back of shoulders, easily spanned moves reasonably well. BPD and RBPIS.


Junior Dog (1)

Two promising dogs’ close decision.

  1. Biglands - Heythrop Toptag; another typy quality dog from this kennel in super condition with a desired wedge-shaped head, good ear carriage dark eye, keen expression straight narrow front, spans comfortably good hindquarters with well set tail moves well.

  2. Harcourt-Morris – Lenacourt Lord Joules; eye catching balanced young dog has a super head with clean moderate length of neck tapering into straight front easily spanned moves well both in front and rear quarters.


Post Graduate Dog (No Entries)


Limit Dog (3,1)

  1. Baker’s -Pacolito Resurrection; quality dog who has CH all over him he has a strong shaped wedge head strong underjaw with good bite, clean strong neck fits into straight front correct lay back of shoulder, spanned easily strong well angulated hindquarters, well set tail didn’t move as positively as eventual dog winner. Reserve Best Dog.

  2. Hobson’s -  Partridgdale Flynn; another that catch’s the eye strong all round dog with super head, good bite , dark eye good ear carriage , straight front, strong rear well angulated quarters moves soundly with good drive .


Open Dog (6,2)

Amazing super class everyone a Well-deserved and worthy champion competition was extremely tough, and places could easily change.

  1. Broadberry’s -CH Mindlen Magnum at Ratscallion; carries a strong well shaped head of correct shape, dark eye well set ears, giving typical breed expression correct bite, strong neck correct front, well lay back of shoulders, comfortably spanned, good topline strong loin with strong well angulated hindquarters and bend of stifle, well set tail in good coat and pelt won Best Dog on his positive rear movement and drive. Best Dog and R.B.I.S.

  2. Newports- CH Digaden Pitch Perfect; has a super head , ears well set, dark eyes correct dentition , strong neck tapering into straight front and well placed shoulders, spannable moves freely and soundly from his strong well angulated hindquarters

  3. Collis - Ch Riplington See Your Dreams; top sized dog who has all the virtues of 1st and 2nd, and only split by the minute (verb) of margins .


Veteran Bitch (3,0)

Good class where decisions were marginal

  1. Collis – Riplington Dream Image; has a strong but feminine head, strong jaw correct bite dark eye straight front with moderate width between forelegs, shoulders well laid back, comfortably spanned, good rear angulation and bend of stifle giving good drive. Reserve Best Bitch and Best Veteran in Show.

  2. Hobson- Alncroft Isle See;  pleasing moderately broad skull, dark eyes, ears well shaped and carried well, correct bite, neck clean of good length, set well into shoulders which are well laid back , spannable moved positively with drive.

  3. Newport -Digaden Made to Measure; another typy bitch from this kennel of good make and shape, has a nice head to her dark eye and keen expression, easily spanned sound hindquarters moves with drive.

  4. Rimmer - IR CH Kylini Mona Lisa JW.VWW22; carrying many of the virtues of the above placed  


Minor Puppy Bitch (1)

  1. Biglands -Heythrop Tivy; she has a lovely feminine head, tidy ears, keen dark eyes correct bite, spanned, still a raw pup and little unruly which when she settled moves well


Puppy Bitch (1)

  1. Newports – Digaden Jinntipple; T/W nice tidy pup with lovely head, good bite lively youngster, moves soundly I’ll watch her progress with interest. Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show.


Junior Bitch (3,1)

  1. Newports- Match Maker Digaden; She has a feminine head of good shape, correct dentition, tidy shaped ears, with a dark eye. Good forequarters and good bone well-padded feet, spanned comfortably, good rear angulation sound in front and rear movement.

  2. Broadberry. – Fajna Dziunia Mysia Zaglada at Ratscallion NAF (IMP POL);  all round stronger than 1 but still feminine has strong well shaped head with keen dark eyes. Correct fore and rear quarters move with drive and freely. 


Yearling Bitch (2,0)

In my notes I put places could easily change decision close.

  1. Newport - Digaden Run with The Pack; Liked her head feminine but with no weakness, correct bite, clean moderate length neck straight front, good placement of shoulders , spanned, moved soundly and freely.

  2. Biglands - Heythrop Taranna; Lovely tri that’s sure to have a good future shes an active and agile bitch, with a straight and narrow front, comfortably spanned, shoulders well laid back in super condition sound both in front and rear movement.


Post Graduate Bitch (6,2)

  1. Smiths - Digaden Top Notch;  pleasing head good mouth, tidy ears and dark eyes, forelegs strong with moderate width spanned with ease, well set tail strong loin over well angulated rear quarters moves freely and soundly.

  2. Chaffe - Mollilli Simply Zelda;  has a nice shaped head, tidy well shaped ears, good bite ,like to see a closer front but that doesn’t distract from her overall virtues, moves well from her rearquarters .

  3. Roach - Heythrop Tangle;  has lots to like about her with a nice head shape, tidy well carried ears , good mouth straight front she moves reasonably well , my only criticism which would greatly improve her is just needs a tad of weight off her.

  4. Broadberry - Forgefox Fern for Ratscallion


Limit Bitch (6,2, 1 Withdrawn)

  1. Biglands- Heythrop Tangletop; lovely sized bitch with pleasing head of correct proportions, with dark eyes well shaped set ears, giving a keen expression.neck clean and of sufficient length into good front and shoulders spanned with ease good rear angles well set tail moved well and with purpose.

  2. Evans and Barnes – Bellvalleys Kissed By Fire;  liked her for her size and balance throughout, lovely head shape and proportions eyes dark, neat ears of good shape, moderate length of neck , good shoulders angulations moved true and soundly .

  3. Roachs- Heythrop Tangle; 3rd in previous class see PGB.


Open Bitch (6,1)

Quality class of fine bitchs

  1. Biglands.- Heythrop Topsyturvey; caught my eye immediately when she settled,spot on for size, pleasing wedge shaped head with well set shaped ears , dark eye, correct dentition , strong clean neck of moderate length , and well set into good angulated forequarters, comfortably spanned strong hindquarters , tail set on, strong loin with gentle arch in a fit and agile condition . Best Bitch and Best in Show.

  2. Newport- CH Digaden Tip Top; Lovely typy bitch very worthy CH of correct size , balanced throughout spanned easily good in front with strong and well-padded feet, ample hindquarters good tail set moves well both in reach and rear drive.

  3. Newport’s - Digaden Spill the Beans

  4. Roach - Heythrop Tangle

  5. Chaffe- Pacolito Rumourmonger. 

Brace (5-4)

  1. Broadberry's


Junior Handling.

Class A- 6 -11 Years

  1. Seth Broadberry

  2. Ernest Broadberry

Class B. 12-16 Years

  1. Maeve Parry

  2. Ceira Townsend


Open Show Summer


Best in Show - 

 Reserve Best in Show -

Best Opposite Sex - 

Best Dog - 

Reserve Best Dog - 

Best Bitch - 

Reserve Best Bitch - 

Best Puppy in Show

Reserve Best Puppy in Show - 

Best Veteran in Show - 

Reserve Best Veteran in Show -


Veteran Dog (0,0)

Minor Puppy Dog (0,0)

Puppy Dog (0,0)

Junior Dog (0,0)

Limit Dog (0,0)

Open Dog (0,0)

Veteran Bitch (0,0)

Puppy Bitch (0,0)

Junior Bitch (0,0)

Yearling Bitch (0,0)


Post Graduate Bitch (0,0)


Limit Bitch (0,0)


Open Bitch (0,0)

Brace (0,0)


Special Award Classes

Junior Dog or Bitch (0,0)

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (0,0)

Open Dog or Bitch (0,0)


Junior Handling Classes



6-11 years

12-16 years


Championship Show


Best in Show:

Reserve Best in Show: 

Best Opposite Sex in Show:

Best Dog: 

Reserve Best Dog:

Best Bitch:

Reserve Best Bitch: 

Best Puppy: 

Reserve Best Puppy: 

Best Veteran: 


Veteran Dog (0,0)

Minor Puppy Dog (0,0)

Puppy Dog (0,0)

Junior Dog (0,0)

Limit Dog (0,0)

Open Dog (0,0)

Veteran Bitch (0,0)

Puppy Bitch (0,0)

Junior Bitch (0,0)

Yearling Bitch (0,0)


Post Graduate Bitch (0,0)


Limit Bitch (0,0)


Open Bitch (0,0)

Brace (0,0)

Barry Jones Special Progeny  (1)

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