The Parson Russell Terrier Club is the parent club in the UK for PRT's. We run three shows (Spring and Summer open and a Championship Show in November) along with BAD and MCE days when needed. We help to promote this Native UK breed and help anyone that is interested in the breed.


Membership to the Club, including discounted The PRTC Show entries, a Yearbook, E-News, Rights to vote at the AGM

You can post or email this to: prt.sdolman@outlook.com

Your application will require a proposer and seconder who are fully paid up members of the Club. However, if this is not possible then please write something about why you wish to join the Club and your experience to date, if any, of the breed.


By signing up as a member of the The PRTC you are agreeing to the following Ethic's Code and Rules


Links that you may find useful for The PRTC and other Cannie Organisations.

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