Obedience work with a PRT can be challenging as history has required them to work independently below ground. They are easily bored by repetition and training needs to be inventive to retain their interest but they can, and do, succeed at obedience trials.


Competitive Obedience is exactly what you would imagine - obedient and well-trained dogs having their abilities tested. The first step to having an obedient dog is to take it to training, and there is no better place to start than at a Kennel Club registered dog training club or listed status club.

If you are new to obedience training a good starting point could be the KC’s ‘Good Citizen’ Basic Training Scheme. This provides a program of ‘good manners’ training to ensure your PRT behaves acceptably while out and about and at home.

There are six levels of obedience competition to enter. Starting at Introductory then Pre-Beginners and Beginners Classes;  then moving up the classes to C being the highest and most difficult.


Exercises that you are asked to do range depending on the level of class you are in:

  • Heelwork (on and off the lead)

  • Recall

  • Control exercises (mainly timed)

  • For C Class a scent discrimination exercise is included as well as a control at a distance.

There are six levels or classes to complete in each class asking for a different number of exercises, as you become more experienced you can qualify for the higher classes.

Dogs are to work in a happy and natural manner with their handler. Each activity has a maximum number of points, and the judge will award points based on their idea of the perfect performance of the test.

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