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The Parson Russell Terrier Club was formed in 1983 and is the parent club in the UK for the Parson Russell Terrier.

The PRT is very popular as a pet, showdog, and working dog as well as excelling in a number of other canine activities.  The PRT is an active, playful and sturdy breed,
Full of character he is always ready to enjoy whatever the day has to offer.  He is a handy, go anywhere, size and generally stays fit and well into old age.
Work opportunities are limited these days for this traditionally working terrier but their energy and independence has adapted well to many other activities.
They will romp happily with children, can excel at mini agility, enjoy socialising as a PAT Dog and even become a TV Star.
A popular breed for the show ring amongst exhibitors the PRT can be a particularly good choice for a junior handler and the club is keen to encourage it's younger members.

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Key updates

Health Issues in Parson Russell Terriers

A message from Sarah Broadberry, Breed Health Co-ordinator

This short, confidential survey aims to provide an opportunity for owners to give feedback on the health of their Parson Russell Terriers (PRT). The survey is aimed at ALL UK registered PRT owners, whether you are a pet owner, an exhibitor, breeder, compete in agility or canicross etc or all of the above. We are extremely grateful for you finding the time to complete this survey and the information we collect is valuable to us. Any information you provide is treated with the strictest confidence and is for the sole use of the Parson Russell Terrier Club. Statistics and analyses generated from the survey will be published on the PRT Club’s website/social media and in Newsletters, but no dogs or owners’ names will be identifiable.

The survey is launched every four years to enable us to build a picture of the health status of the breed.  From previous surveys, it is clear the PRT remains a healthy breed, however, we must not be complacent and we need to be vigilant for any existing / emerging conditions in our breed. 

It is very important that even if your PRTs have never suffered from any disease that you still complete the survey.
Any concerns, please let Sarah know via email:


Please see below Genetic tests that are available for the PRT


Before getting in touch with us the following links below maybe able to help

President - Margaret Hooley 

Chairman - Matt Smith

Vice-Chairman - Jane Newport

Secretary - Steph Parry

Thanks for submitting!

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