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2002 Club Show Results

Open Show Spring

Judge Mrs Gwen Small

Best in Show: Kylini Celtic Wizzard

Reserve Best in Show: Heythrop Tenko

Best Opposite Sex in Show: Heythrop Tenko

Best Dog: Kylini Celtic Wizzard
Reserve Best Dog: Ch. Izzy-Rite for Jagen

Best Bitch: Heythrop Tenko
Reserve Best Bitch: Clystlands Emblazonment
Best Veteran:
 Fellshied Top Talent
Best Puppy is Show: Gonetoground I'm Smitten

Minnor Puppy Dog (3,1)

  1. Philo - Parruss The Fidla's Son;

  2. Bianchi - Aurgwen Tempest; 

Puppy Dog (4,4)

Junior Dog (3,1)

  1. Moore - Moonreapers Vandal; 

  2. Badger and Ellis - Toasty Timothy;


Post Graduate Dog (2,1)

  1. Culter - Trumpmoor Exmoor Flashman; 

Limit Dog (8,0)

  1. Allen - Alne Artic Fox;

  2. Vaughan - Barsetta On A Mission to Parruss;

  3. Hooley - Holdobur One To Mark;

Open Dog (9,2)

  1. Moore - Kylini Celtic Wizzard; BD BIS

  2. Rock and Price - Ch. Izzy-Rite for Jagen; RBD

  3. Philo - Quesera Fidla-On-The-Woof;

Minor Puppy Bitch (3,1)

  1. Moore - Kylini Phoenix;

  2. Vaughan - Parruss Que Sera Sera;

Puppy Bitch (7,3)

  1. Rock and Price - Howlbeck Price-Less for Otherton;

  2. Bigland - Heythrop Topsy;

  3. Handy and Field -  Fellshied Tippet Spider;

Junior Bitch (7,1)

  1. Nixon - Gonetoground I'm Smitten; BPIS

  2. Moore - Moonreapers Meg Merrilees;

  3. Hooley -  Holdobur Georgy Girl;

Novice Bitch (8,2)

  1. Bull - Aurgwen Amethyst;

  2. Moore - Moonreapers Matilda;

  3. Nixon - Tinker Belle at Gonetoground;

Post Graduate Bitch (7,1)

  1. Allen - Alne Stockpin; 

  2. Vaughan -  Lady Martini to Pacolito;

  3. Collis - Riplington Spinner;

Limit Bitch (10,3)

  1. Hussey Wilford - Clystlands Emblazonment;  RBB

  2. Hooley -  Holdobur Material Girl;

  3. Handy and Field -  Fellshied Tamarisk;


Open Bitch (7,1)

  1. Bigland - Heythrop Tenko;  BB RBIS BOS

  2. Collis - Riplington Free For All

  3. Cutler - Trumpmoor Exmoor Amour

Veteran Dog and Bitch (5,0)

  1. Handy and Field - Fellshied Top Talent; BVIS

  2. Allen - DK Ch. Howlbeck Blue Prince;

  3. Harcourt-Morris - Bridevale Flert;

Brace (8,2)

  1. Mr and Mrs M Hooley

  2. Mr and Mrs T Harcourt- Morris

  3. Mrs S Nixon

Open Show Summer

Judge: Mr K Moore  

Best in Show: Heythrop Tenko

Reserve Best in Show:  Broxsmouth Corporal Cassacre

Best Opposite Sex in Show: Broxsmouth Corporal Cassacre

Best Dog: Broxsmouth Corporal Cassacre

Reserve Best Dog: Glenholm Parker

Best Bitch: Heythrop Tenko

Reserve Best Bitch: Belmorr Guinevere

Best Puppy in Show: Trumpmoor Exmoor Fashion

Reserve Best Puppy in Show: Rymshott Lite Foot

Minnor Puppy Dog (1,1)

Puppy Dog (1,0)

  1. Hughes - Ruffntuff Tyrone;


Junior Dog (3,1)

  1. Milne- Glenholm Parker;  RBD

  2. Samways - Cassacre Kabin Boy

Novice Dog (3,0)

  1. Bigland - Heythrop Toby;

  2. Badger and Ellis - Toasty Timothy;

  3. Rowe - Fellshied Trigger;

Gradate Dog (1)

  1. Sollis - Allmyth And Magic;


Post Gradate Dog (8)

  1. Cutler -Trumpmoor Exmoor Flashman;

  2. Milne - Glenholm Fletcher;

  3. Collis - Jagen Johny Riplington;

Open Dog

  1. Samways - Broxsmouth Corporal Cassacre;  BOS RBIS

  2. Bigland - Heythrop Trader;

  3. Hussey Wilford - Clystlands Commodore;


Minor Puppy Bitch (3,1)

  1. Cutler - Trumpmoor Exmoor Fashion; BPIS

  2. Hussey Wilford - Clystlands Bounty;

Puppy Bitch (3,1)

  1. Tagg - Rymshott Lite Foot; RPIS

  2. Vaughan - Parruss Que Sera Sera;

Junior Bitch (8,1)

  1. Bigland - Heythrop Topsy;

  2. Sollis - Hindlewalt April Star;

  3. Morrison - Belmorr Keepsake; 

Novice Bitch (7,2)

  1. Lewis - Davrita Gloria Gaynor;

  2. Carter - Super Trooper at Patrian;

  3. Nixon - Tinker Belle at Gonetoground;

Gradate Bitch (7,1)

  1. Milne- Glenholm Odette; 

  2. Stark - Gobannium Midsummer Nights Dream;

  3. Lightfoot - Holdobur Spring Fever;


Post Gradate Bitch (8,0)

  1. Samways - Belmorr Eight Belles Cassacre;

  2. Collis- Riplington Spinner; 

  3. Allen -  Alne Whipcord;

Open Bitch (13,5)

  1. Bigland - Heythrop Tenko; BB BIS

  2. Morrison - Belmorr Guinevere RBB

  3. Hussey Wilford - Ch. Clystlands Emblazonment

Veteran Dog or Bitch (8,1)

  1. Samways - Ch Cassacre Boatswain;

  2. Bull - Aurgwen Amber;

  3. Culter - Trumpmoor Exmoor Able


Brace (12)

  1. Milne;

  2. Bigland;

  3. Samways;

Championship Show

Judge: Anne Milne

Best in Show: Broxmouth Corporal Cassacre

Reserve Best in Show: Belmorr Eight Belles Cassacre

Best Opposite Sex: Belmorr Eight Belles Cassacre

Dog CC: Broxmouth Corporal Cassacre
Reserve Dog CC: 
Ch Lenacourt Laird Of The Mist

Bitch CC: Belmorr Eight Belles Cassacre
Reserve Bitch CC: Ch Ardencote Tittle Tattle
Best Veteran in Show: 

Best Veteran Dog: Ch Lenacourt Laird Of The Mist

Best Veteran Bitch: Riplington Free Sample

Best Puppy in Show: Ebblechase Elenor

Reserve Best Puppy in Show: Feilshied Tourigo

Best Puppy Dog: Feilshied Tourigo

Best Puppy Bitch: Ebblechase Elenor

It has been two years since I judged the breed, so it was an honour on this occasion that it should be the clubs 6" CH. Show.

I thank the members for their very nice entry from which I found a good number of worthy winners. Shoulders and lack of correct coats are still a problem. I do hope that not to many of the exhibitors went home with my version of the human "Kennel Cough'. One visitor wondered if my bark was worse than my bite. I told him that as my bite is overshot, that was the greater fault.

Minnor Puppy Bitch (7,2)

  1. Bulls' - Aurgwen Carnival;  Nicely constructed youngster, lovely head, good mouth, and correct expression. Good double coat, nice feet. Moved well.

  2. Denby-Gardeners' - Ammandy Apollo; Very similar to 1 with correct head, expression, good mouth. Lovely coat and nice tight feet. A little unsettled

  3. Biglands' - Heytrop Toastmaster;

Puppy Dog (4,1) 

  1. Handy and Fields' - Feilshied Tourigo; Nice puppy, up to size but well balanced with good head, nice mouth. Correct coat type, good feet. Moved well. Pleased to make him BPD and RBPIS.

  2. Biglands' - Heytrop Toastmaster; Again nice puppy, beaten in first class due to lack of coat. Very pleasing head with good mouth. Moved well. Nicely balanced.

  3. Coppings' - Alne Master Craftsman Rutaaro;


Junior Dog (5,2)

  1. Hutchins' - Ratpack Fizz; This youngster had a nice head. Good feet. Shoulders weak therefore movement a bit erratic. Coat a bit thin.

  2. Hutchins - Ratpack Grit; Very similar to 1. Pleasing head. Good feet. Coat a bit thin and movement very loose.


Novice Dog (3,2)

  1. Hutchins' - Gouldy; 15 months Tan/White. Tan a bit rich in colour for me. Pleasant dog to go over. Moves OK. Undocked.

Graduate Dog (5,0)

  1. Moores' - Moonreapers Spy; Nice 5-year-old Tan/White with pleasing head, good mouth and correct expression with lovely dark eyes. Good shoulders. Nice double coat. Good feet loved well

  2. Biglands' - Heytrop Toby; Very nice 51/2 year old of correct type with lovely head. Good expression. A little lacking in coat and lacks a bit of drive from hocks.

  3. Sollis' - All Myth And Magic;


Post Graduate Dog (7,3)

  1. Kavanaghs'
- Gone To Ground Captain Hook; Nice
smooth dog with good head, mouth and nice dark eyes. Up to size but nicely balanced. Moved BIC.

  2. Moores' - Moonreapers Vandal; Another nice dog from this kennel. Correct head with dark eyes and keen expression. Good coat and feet. Lost out on movement to 1.

  3. Kannangaras' - Lena Court Lumar Eclipse;


Limit Dog

  1. Denby-Gardeners' - Belmorr Gallant At Ammanday;  Nice old-fashioned white terrier. Correct head, good mouth with nice dark eyes. Good shoulders. Good coat and pelt. Moved well. Pushed hard for top spot.

  2. Whites' - Ebblechase Endeavor; Another lovely old type of Tan/White terrier with nice head and expression. Nice shoulders Lovely coat. Moved well.

  3. Hussey - Wilfords' Clystlands Commodore;


Open Dog (7,1)

  1. Samways' - Broxmouth Corporal Cassacre; Such a lovely 31/2-year-old tri-dog typifying true old type. Correct head with good mouth and correct expression. Full coat, nice feet with good drive from hocks. When I judged him 2 years ago was happy to award him RCC. Was equally happy today to award him DCC, BOB and BIS.

  2. Rimmers' - Kylini Celtic Wizzard JW; Another old-fashioned type tri-dog. Up to size. Strong head, good mouth and coat. Bit heavy in shoulders and front feet a bit big. Moved and
handled so well.

  3. Bulls' - Aurgwen Jester MO:


Veteran Dog (3,0)

  1. Harcourt-Morris' - Ch Lenacourt Laird Of The Mist;
Such a beautiful 8 years old. A well constructed terrier that moves like a dream. Very pleasant dog to go over. Just a little lacking in expression for me but very happy to make him VD RCC.

  2. Samways - Ch Cassacre Boatswain; Another lovely dog of correct type now Ten and half years old and slowing down a

  3. Coppings - Crosstrees Trigger Of Badgergrove JW;

Minnor Puppy Bitch

  1. Whites - Ebblechase Elenor; Lovely Tan and White baby first show just 6 months 2 days. Good head nice mouth dark eyes correct expression. Good double coat nice tight feet moved well. BPB BPIS

  2. Bulls - Aurgwen Crystal;  Another nice youngster white with freckly ears nice head good mouth lovely dark eyes super coat and pelt moved OK

  3. Hussey - Wilfords Patrico Icicle With Clystlands;


Puppy Bitch (6,1)

  1. Handy and Fields' - Fellshied Taymar; 10 1/2 month old tri. Quite tall but nicely balanced with good head, mouth and nice dark eyes. Coat and feet excellent. Just a little unsettled in ring.

  2. Allen's' -  Alne Foxglove; Nice little tri bitch, 91/2 months old with lovely head. Shoulders not as good as 1, therefore lost out on movement. Nice coat and pelt. Nice feet.

  3. Jackson's'- Eastrayne Brimal; 


Junior Bitch (8,2)

  1. Biglands' - Heytrop Topsy; Very nice tri bitch with lovely head and expression. Good coat and pelt. Nice feet. Moved and handled well.

  2. Rimmers' - Kylini Phoenix; Another nice little bitch but preferred head type of 1. Good coat and pelt. Nice feet. Moved soundly and handled well.

  3. Handy and Fields' - Fellshied Tippet Spider;

Novice Bitch (2,0)

  1. Hutchins' - Persian Punch;  White bitch. Quite nice head with dark eyes. Good reach of neck. Good feet. Coat a bit thin. A bit plain.

  2. Coppings' - Tutmur Rambler Rose; Quite a pleasing bitch but a bit fine in bone and a bit small.

Graduate Bitch (11,1)

  1. Moores' - Moonreapers Matilda; Tan/White with lovely head. Black eyes with correct expression. Nice strong teeth, good shoulders with good reach of neck. Excellent coat. Moved

  2. Mears' - Hindlewait Jenny Wren; Such a pretty Tan/White bitch. Bit smaller than 1 but nicely balanced. Lovely head, good expression. Nice double coat and good feet. Moved OK.

  3. Whites' - Ebblechase Emerald;

Post Graduate Bitch (2,1)

  1. Lightfoots' - Holdobur Spring Fever; Tan White bitch in good hard condition with lovely double coat. Lovely head, good mouth. Perhaps a little stuffy at the neck. Stood alone but deserved her first place.​


Limit Bitch (12,3)

  1. Denby-Gardeners' - Lena Court Lady Of The Lake At Ammandy;  Very smart Tan/White terrier with a nice head, dark eyes and good mouth. Nice coat and pelt. Good shoulders. Moved well.

  2. Holland's' - Holdobur Material Girl;  Very neat little bitch with pretty head, sweet expression and nice dark eyes. Good mouth. Moved and handled well.

  3. Moores' - Moonreapers Meg Merrilees; 

Open Bitch (9,3)

  1. Samways' - Belmorr Eight Belles Cassacre; Lovely 7-year-old tri bitch in lovely full coat, correct head, dark eyes and good mouth. Nice shoulders well ribbed back and nice drive from the hocks. This was a lovely line up of bitches BCC, BOS and RBIS.

  2. Biglands' - Ch Ardencote Tittle Tattle; 6 1/2-year-old tri bitch similar to 1 for type, with lovely head and expression.
Good mouth. Nice feet and moved well. Coat just a little bit thin on day.

  3. Hussey Wilfords' - Ch Clystlands Emblazonment;

Veteran Bitch (5,0)

  1. Collis' - Riplington Free Sample;  Lovely 7 1/2-year-old bitch with nice head, dark eyes and keen expression. Very fit and sound mover. Very similar to two best bitches.

  2. Bulls' - Aurgwen Carys; Tan White 7 1/2-year-old bitch with good head and lovely expression. Good coat, lovely feet in excellent condition. Moved soundly.

  3. Handy and Fields' - Ch Feilshied Top Tallent;


Brace (3,0)

  1. Moore;

  2. Denby-Gardener;

  3. White;

Barry Jones Special Progeny (2,0)

  1. Bull;

  2. Moore;

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