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2008 Club Show Results

Open Show Spring

Judge: Mrs M Barnnett

Best in Show: Ch Heythrop Toastmaster

Reserve Best in Show: Heythrop Tia

Best Dog: Ch Heythrop Toastmaster
Reserve Best Dog: Sp/Port/Gib Ch Mulhross Melrosian

Best Bitch: Heythrop Tia
Reserve Best Bitch: 
Alncroft Tribute to Riplington
Best Veteran:
Best Puppy is Show: 
Rymshott Muddy Maryel US at Holmark

Veteran Dog (2,1)

  1. Rimmer - Ch/Ir/Int Ch Kylini Celtic Wizzard;

Minnor Puppy Dog (6,2)

  1. Slater - Brimpton Trust;

  2. Denby-Gardner - Ammanday Augury;

  3. Bottom - Rymshott Howsels Elf;

Puppy Dog (2,0)

  1. Owens - Kannye Bolt em Out;

  2. White and Bailey- Horncall Ice;


Novice Dog (2,0)

  1. Hadley and Sollis - Cleevehill Full Monty;

  2. Owens - Kannye Bolt em Out;


Post Graduate Dog (5,2)

  1. Ellis - Ammanday Attraction under Blueroof;

  2. Moore- Moonreapers Billy Bones;

  3. Hall - Frithgarth Jack Frost;

Limit Dog (5,3)

  1. Highfield - Bradpole Blanc De Blancs; 

  2. Bigland- Heythrop Thornton; 

Open Dog (6,0)

  1. Bigland -Ch Heythrop Toastmaster;  BD BIS

  2. Llinas - Sp/Port/Gib Ch Mulhross Melrosian; RBD

  3. Hooley - Holdobur One To Mark at Hoolmark;

Veteran Bitch (5,0)

  1. Bigland - Ch Ardencote Tittletatle;

  2. Brown and Grange -  Afinlea Garden Tiger;

  3. Bigland - Heythrop Tenko;

Minor Puppy Bitch (8,1)

  1. Hooley - Rymshott Muddy Maryel US at Holmark: BP

  2. Bigland- Heythrop Tiadrop; 

  3. Philp - Saona Sunshine Over Muhlross; 

Puppy Bitch (4,2)

  1. Moore - Moonreapers Floradora;

  2. Nixon-  Gonetoground Lucky Star;

Junior Bitch (5,3)

  1. Collis - Alncroft Tribute to Riplington; RBB

  2. Hooley -  Mindlen Blue Bottle at Hoolmark; 

Novice Bitch (3,1)

  1. Bigland - Heythrop Trust Me; 

  2. Sollis - Ablazeing Grace; 

Post Graduate Bitch (10,3)

  1. Sollis - Amagical Dream; 

  2. Smith - Bethane Hulabaloo;

  3. Ellis - Foxwarren Kizzy under Blueroof;

Limit Bitch (11,3)

  1. Bigland - Heythrop Tia; BB RBIS

  2. Rimmer - Kylini Xanadu; 

  3. Hussey Wilford -  Clystlands High Flyer; 


Open Bitch (2,1)

  1. Harris - Fellshied Tilla Girl; 

Brace  (5,3)

  1. Rimmer's Brace;

  2. Moore Brace;

Open Show Summer

Judge: Mr G Roden

Best in Show:Ch Heythrop Toastmaster

Reserve Best in Show: Alne Master Piece of Ilexquercus

Best Opposite Sex in Show: Bethane Hulabaloo

Best Dog: Ch Heythrop Toastmaster

Reserve Best Dog: Alne Master Piece of Ilexquercus

Best Bitch: Bethane Hulabaloo

Reserve Best Bitch: Amagical Dream

Best Puppy in Show:

Best Veteran in Show: Ch/Am Ch Mindlen Muddler;

Veteran Dog (3,0)

  1. Sacco, Roberts and Murray - Ch/Am Ch Mindlen Muddler; BVIS

  2. Kannangara - Lenacourt Lunar Eclipse;

  3. Bull - Aurgwen Cava;

Minor Puppy Dog (3,1)

  1. Newport - Digaden Chase The Ace;

  2. Kannangara - Sherosco Lucky Lad;


Puppy Dog (3,0)

  1. Sollis - Mister Bonamonty; BPIS

  2. Denby-Gardner; Ammanday Aurgury;

  3. Moore - Moonreapers Explorer; 


Junior Dog (2,1)

  1. White and Bailey - Horncall Ice

Novice Dog (1,0)

  1. Hadley and Sollis - Cleevehill Fullmonty

Post Gradate Dog (2,0)

  1. Ellis - Ammanday Attraction Under Blueroof; 

  2. Moore - Moonreapers Billy Bones;


Limit Dog (3,1)

  1. Doyle - Alne Master Piece of Ilexquercus; RBD RBIS

  2. Fooy and Roosbroeck-  Fairfax of Lovealoch;


Open Dog (6,0)

  1. Bigland - Ch Heythrop Toastmaster; BD BIS

  2. Dyne - Moonreapers Spectre of Boldrunner; 

  3. Llinas - Sp/Port/Gib Ch Muhlross Melrosia; 


Veteran Bitch (7,3)

  1. Hughes - Heythrop Topsy;

  2. Bigland - Ch Heythrop Tenko;

  3. Bigland - Ch Ardencote Tittletatle; 

Minor Puppy Bitch (4,1)

  1. Sollis - Montys Moonshine; 

  2. Doyle - Ilexquercus Rosy Rustic; 

  3. Bull and Stark - Tarara Boom De Ay

Puppy Bitch (6,1)

  1. Bigland - Heythrop Tiadrop;

  2. Meyer - Boughton Bliss;

  3. Rimmer - Kylini Mythmyst;

Junior Bitch (10,1)

  1. Copping - Horncall Wizz A Dora by Rutaaro;

  2. Hughes - Wind Beneath My Wings of Ruffntuff;

  3. Hooley - Mindlen Bluebottle at Hoolmark;

Novice Bitch (5,3)

  1. Higgins - Kannye Khemistry;

  2. Bourne - Mouser Mercedes Mindlen;

Post Gradate Bitch (9, 1 Withdrawn)

  1. Sollis - Amagical Dream; RBB

  2. Kannangara -  Parruss Twist Of Lemon; 

  3. Rutaaro White Witch; 


Limit Bitch (8,1)

  1. Bigland - Heythrop Tia;

  2. Swift and Par -  Pacolito Picture Monkey;

  3. Moore - Moonreapers Polly Garter;

Open Bitch (9,3, 1 withdrawn)

  1. Smith - Bethane Hulabaloo;  BB BOS

  2. Higgins -  Pacolito Dymanti Prima Dona; 

  3. Roberts and Murray - Ch Mindlen Mataura; 

Brace (4,2)

  1. White and Bailey's brace

  2. Kannangara's brace

Junior Handling

Judge Mrs K Denby-Gardnder

Class A 6-11 years (1,1)

Class B 12-16 years (1,0)

  1. Shane Hudges

Championship Show

Judge: Mr Kevin Moore

Best in Show: Alncroft Tribute To Riplington

Reserve Best in Show: Olliebark That's My Girl

Best Opposite Sex: Bradpole Blanc De Blancs

Dog CC:  Bradpole Blanc De Blancs
Reserve Dog CC: Gambler Da Roseira Brava

Bitch CC: Alncroft Tribute To Riplington
Reserve Bitch CC: Olliebark That's My Girl

Best Veteran in Show: Ch Heythrop Tenko
Best Puppy is Show: Trumpmoor Exmoor Jimny

My thanks to the sporting exhibitors, my excellent stewards and the show manager. I set out to find examples of a working terrier in the show ring, however many exhibits lacked hard condition and in some cases were too thin to survive in the field. If a balance has to be found between the working terrier and the show terrier it should not be at the cost of those qualities which allow the dog to perform the function for which it was originally bred. Good tight feet are essential for a terrier that has to "run with hounds" Sadly, many exhibits had open feet and two or three had almost hare feet.

Rear movement in many cases was far too close behind to deliver the drive a working terrier needs. Almost all of the terriers were spannable, but some did carry a little too much weight on the day


Minnor Puppy Bitch (5,1)

  1. Cutler's - Trumpmoor Exmoor Jimny; T/W. A true old fashioned type, with a well proportioned body. Head a good shape and size, ears nicely placed, eyes dark and deep set and a nicely angulated rear end and with strength in the loins. Movement true. BP

  2. Baker's - Pacolito Picture Perfect; T/W. Presented a good outline with a true straight front, developed loins and a good tail set but not so well angulated as 1

  3. Denby-Gardner's - Ammanday Acer; An all white dog, well bodied, with a correct and slighter in build. Feet will no doubt tighten as he matures head and a good front, a satisfying run of neck into the shoulders and a nicely angulated rear end.

Puppy Dog (4,1)

  1. Cutler's - Trumpmoor Exmoor Jimny; As above 

  2. Kannangara's - Sherosco Lucky Lad; T/W. Another well-proportioned dog with a correct head, a nice lay back of shoulders, feet good and a well-muscled back end. Tail set not as good as 1.


Junior Dog (4,1)

  1. Coelho's - Gambler Da Roseira Brava; Tri. Of the correct shape with many fine qualities. A well-proportioned wedge shaped head carrying neat, well-set ears and beautifully shaped dark eyes, the neck flowing into well laid-back shoulders and strong and powerful loins. Movement very true. Demanded to be looked at and pushed hard for the ticket. RDCC

  2. Denby-Gardner's - Ammanday Augury; Very similar to 1 in many instances although not so impressive in the shoulders or bend of stifle.

  3. Sollis's - Mister Bonamonty;  Tri. Again a dog with a good shape and a proper coat but little heavier in the shoulder, and slighter in body. All three moved well. A lovely class to judge.


Novice Dog (2)

  1. Burnhill's - Avonwylde Stormer; T/W. Smooth with a good front, neck and arch over the loins. Beautiful feet, solid and we formed, reffecting his good, hard, working condition, fit to run and work all day.

Graduate Dog (1,0)

  1. Hadley & Solli's - Cleevehill Fullmonty; T/W. Possesses a good outline with well-arched loins, good bone and tidy feet. Also a very pleasing head and ears. Coat in good harsh condition.


Post Graduate Dog

  1. Hall's - Frithgarth Jack Frost; T/W. Head of a pleasing shape with well set ears, a nice shaped eye and a good bite. Has a well developed rise over the loin and good angulated rear

  2. Walker's - Matsstars Midnight Miracle; T/W. Owns a clearly defined outline, a good flowing neck and shoulder as well as a noted bend of stifle. Preferred the head of 1.


Limit Dog (5,1)

All three close up, a good class all round.

  1. Highfield's - Bradpole Blanc De Blancs; An all white dog with the correct head, well sell tidy ears, dark eyes and a true bite.. Front straight and true with a smoothly flowing neck into clean well cut shoulders. Rear strong and muscular with good loins Plenty of bone. Of the correct size and well conformed, presenting a picture of competence. This time rose to the challenge. DCC BOS

  2. Ellis's - Ammanday Attraction under Blueroof;  All white. An old fashioned type, similar to 1 in quality with a lovely shaped head and dark eyes and a good bite, could do with more strength in loin and a little close behind.

  3. Samways' - Cassacre Mandolin; T/W Truly an old fashioned type with a lovely head of the correct shape with well-set ears dark eyes and a good bite. Also a good strong jaw, a fine cut of shoulders and a strong back end.


Open Dog (5,1)

  1. Samways' - Cassacre Kabin Boy; Tri. An admirable old-fashioned type with dark well set eyes and carrying just the right amount of muscle on the shoulders. Teeth strong. Neck flowed well into clean-cut, nicely laid back shoulders. Strong well-proportioned body with a good back end, giving plenty of drive.

  2. Milne's - Ch Glenholm Dylan; Tri. Also good old type with a straight front, nice tight feet and good bone. Lovely shaped head and eye and the neck and shoulders complimented each other. Easily spannable and nicely ribbed. Good bend of stifle gives positive straight drive. A well set tail. A little heavier and a trifle wide in front on this occasion.

  3. Bigland's Ch Heythrop Toastmaster: Tri. Yet another good type. Superb head plenty of drive An overall not on a strong flowing neck. Correct length of back and strong back end giving picture of a good working type with nice tight feet and good bone. Easily spannable and nicely ribbed. Good bend of stife allows positive straight drive but not his usual self and a little close behind.


Veteran Dog (3,0)

  1. Rimmer's - Ch/Ir Ch/int Ch Kylini Colic Wizzard JW; Tri. A lovely type, a little heavy in the shoulders but still showed and moved like the champion he is.

  2. Bull's - Aurgwen Cava;  Tri. A good old-fashioned type just showing his age a little today

  3. Kannangara's - Lenacourt Lunar Eclipse; T/W. Well up to size, nicely conformed and moved with ease

Minnor Puppy Bitch (5,0)

  1. Baker's - Pacolito Picture Image; Tri. A pleasing shaped head and a flow of neck into well laid back shoulders. Lovely bend of stifle and not over exaggerated

  2. Cutler's - Trumpmoor Exmoor Mossy; T/W. A good old-fashioned type, being of the right size and in good condition. Head very pleasing with good set of ears and dark eyes.

  3. Frost-Copping's - Goldfern Glory; T/W. An honest type with a pleasing head and a good neck flowing into well laid-back shoulders. Nice back end


Puppy Bitch (6,0)

  1. Walker and Barrell's - Ammanday Apple; Tri. A well-shaped body, a pleasingly shaped head and a well-formed straight front gave this puppy the edge.

  2. Baker's - Pacolito Picture Image; Tri. Similar to 1 in many respects, Close decision

  3. Cutler's - Trumpmoor Exmoor Braken; A satisfying old-fashioned sort, a neat, compact little bitch with a well-developed backend.


Junior Bitch (10,3)

Three pleasing bitches.

  1. Rimmer's - Kylini Mythmist; Tri. Very feminine bitch with a very typical head and a true straight front in excellent proportions all round. Possesses good bone, a neck which flows well into a well-laid back shoulder and correct angulation.

  2. Hughes' - Wind Beneath My Wings; T/W. Similar to 1 with lovely head, good strong backend and well set tail.

  3. Hadley's - Heythrop Tiastorm; Slightly more compact with well-shaped ears and good front.

Novice Bitch (3,0)

  1. White's - Ebblechase Rosanna; T/W. Smooth, Neat in outline with the correct shaped head with dark deep-set eyes. A well-developed good rise over the loin and an impressive tuck up. Strong back end well angulated.

  2. Cutler's - Trumpmoor Exmoor Braken; As Above 

  3. Selby's - Warden Law at Jacksden; T/W. Nice shaped head, good dark eyes but a little tight in front.

Graduate Bitch (7,0)

  1. Bigland's - Heythrop Tandy;  Tri. A lovely feminine bitch of good working size possessing plenty of bone and a coat in excellent condition. A cracking head absolutely true, lovely tuck up Has all the features of a well conformed terrier capable of a day's work.

  2. Rimmer's - Kylini Mythnmist; 

  3. Preedy's - Dunokbrook Edie; Smooth, full of herself in a true terrier fashion, nice brisket although bends of stifle could be better.

Post Graduate Bitch (11,2)

  1. Samways' - Saucy Nancy Cassacre;  Tri. Lovely type with a beautiful head. In good bone with well-formed feet and of a correct shape all round. Back to loin in very good proportions. Responded well to her handler.

  2. Brown & Grange's - Ardencote Tammany;  Tri. Similar to 1 in many ways and a hard choice here but preferred the head of 1.

  3. Collis's - Riplington Miscue; T/W. A smooth in good hard condition with well developed thighs and hocks but slightly heavy in the shoulders.


Limit Bitch (9,1)

Demanding decisions due to the quality of the bitches in this class.

  1. Bigland's - Heythrop Tia; T/W. Very feminine bitch with a typical head and a true straight front in excellent proportions all round. Possesses good bone, a neck which flows well into a well-laid back shoulder and correct angulation. Moved with plenty of drive reflecting all the qualities of a sound working terrier.

  2. Smith's - Bethane Hulabaloo; Tri. A close contender to 1. Well up to size. A lovely proportioned head with correct shape and dark eyes. Ears well set. Shoulders nicely laid back and cleanly cut. Good rear quarters giving free movement and plenty of drive

  3. Cutler's - Trumpmoor Exmoor Appey Daze;  Very feminine bitch with a very typical head and a true straight front in excellent proportions all round. Possesses good bone, a neck which flows well into a well-laid back shoulder and correct angulation. Moved with plenty of drive reflecting all the qualities of a sound working terrier.

Open Bitch

  1. Collis's - Alncroft Tribute To Riplington; Tri. A beautiful bitch that demanded recognition. A correct shaped head with well-set neat ears, dark lovely shaped eyes The neck flowed seamlessly into well-laid back and clean cut shoulders. A lovely line of the loin and a really superb backend. Well presented and well handled. A fine example of the breed that fully deserved her awards. BB BIS

  2. Pell's - Olliebark That's My Girl;  Tri. Another sound bitch, pleasing in many placets. with a well-proportioned head, a true front, in good bone with well-placed shoulders and a nice length of neck. Correct ribs, a well balanced loin and  strong angulation slightly tighter in backend movement than 1. Nevertheless a fine example of the breed. RBCC RBIS

  3. White's - Ch Ebblechase Eleanor; A bitch in  good firm condition with many fine attributes including a fine old-fashioned well-proportioned head, dark eyes, well-cut shoulders and positive angulation, particularly well proportioned at the back and with strong loins

Veteran Bitch (7,0)

  1. Bigland's - Ch Heythrop Tenko; Tri. Age has not diminished the qualities of this bitch. A fine working terrier, she has the correct outline, the flowing neck and the length and strength of back which enable her to move with drive. BVIS

  2. Brown & Grange's - Afinlea Garden Tiger; T/W. Still a bitch to be noted, possessing a good shaped head and front. She is also well angulated and balanced with the movement of a true terrier.

  3. Hughes' - Heythrop Topsy; T/W. Another old-fashioned bitch true in outline and balance, capable of doing the job she was bred for without difficulty.


Brace (7,0)

  1. Sollis' Brace; a well-matched pair moving together with ease

  2. Rimmer's Brace;

  3. Cutler's Brace;

Barry Jones Special Progeny (3,0)

  1. Cutler's - Trumpmoor Exmoor Appey Daze

  2. Hadley & Sollis's - Cleevehill Fullmonty

  3. White's - Ch Ebblechase Eleanor

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