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2015 Club Show Results

Open Show Spring

Judge: Janine Dooner

Best in Show:Kelly & Storey's - Pacolio Phardante

Reserve Best in Show: Bowden's - Whats not to like at Chellowside

Best Opposite Sex: Bowden's - Whats not to like at Chellowside

Best Dog: Bowden's - Whats not to like at Chellowside

Reserve Best Dog: Vaughan's - Ch Paruss Comanche Chief JW ShCm

Best Bitch: Kelly & Storey's - Pacolio Phardante

Reserve Best Bitch: Smith & Moon's - Alncroft I Zu Zu

Best Veteran: Bigland's - Ch Heythrop Tiadrop

Best Puppy is Show: Bowden's - Whats not to like at Chellowside

Best Puppy Dog: Bowden's - Whats not to like at Chellowside

Best Puppy Bitch: Unknown

I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for their kind hospitality and also the exhibitors for their lovely entry, albeit I was a stand in judge on the day. On the whole size was good only a small amount tipping over the measure. Mouths were also good only two incorrect bites. However what was very worrying was the construction and conformation of a good few. Fronts were very questionable, this is not a Smooth Fox Terrier, nor is a Jack Russell?? Rear angulation and good movement seemed very hard to find in many, and toplines and rise need to be addressed. That said my main winners were all very well balanced and made well with good movement. 

Veteran Dog (3) 

  1. Walker’s - Matsstars Midnight Miracle; Tan and white 9 years old, over the measure and unable to span, strong head, good mouth, dark almond eye, good leathers well set. Strong neck leading to correctly placed shoulders. Correct coat and pelt, super front for such a strong dog, tight cat like feet and well angulated at the rear. Good length and rise and well set tail. Moved with purpose and drive a credit to his owner in super hard condition for his age. 

  2. Highfield’s - Bradpole Beau Of Guestwick; Tan and white 8 years old, over measure and unable to span, strong head, good mouth, good coat and pelt, correct length and rise well let down hocks moved with drive from the rear.

  3. Hall’s -  Frithgarth Jack Frost;  Tan and white 9 years old, up on the measure, tight span. Nice almond dark eye and good leathers, good length ratio and rise. Good coat and pelt moved OK. 


Minor Puppy Dog (1)

  1. Bowden’s - What’s Not To Like At Chelowside; What is not to like indeed a great name for this youngster, Black and white easy span correct size, superb head and the darkest of almond eyes, correct dentition. Good coat and pelt although still in puppy coat. Lovely reach of neck leading to a correctly placed shoulder. The tightest of elbows, correct slope to pasterns and the most fabulous cat like feet. Good length to height ratio and correct rise, tail well set on although carried a little over. Just enough rear angulation moved really well for one so young. Was very pleased to award him Best Dog Best Puppy in Show and Reserve Best in Show. One to watch for the future.


Post Graduate Dog (6/3) 

  1. Neild’s - Logierait Lexi Of Lochinvar;  Well marked tan and white, lovely head, good mouth, well placed and correct leathers, dark eye. Good reach of neck. Good length nice rise, tail carried a little high. Moved well behind, in hard condition, tight span, up on the measure, good pelt. Out of coat today but still worthy of a first place.

  2. Hall’s - Frithgarth Mighty Gandalf;  Tan and white, strong head, in super condition with the most fabulous coat. Up on the measure and tight span, Good cat like feet and god rear angulation moved ok. 

  3. Smith’s - Tubize Me Sizzle; Very strong dog black and white head, good mouth, unfortunately not enjoying his day. Moved ok. 


Limit Dog (6/1)

  1. Bigland’s - Heythrop Tailwind;  Super workmanlike tan and white, correct head and mouth, good leathers. Good front leading to sloping pasterns, good reach of neck correct length, nice rise well placed tailset, good coat and easy span, excels in front movement.

  2. Baker & Stanway’s - Pacolito Patchez; Another good dog, tan and white lovely strong head with a keen expression, good mouth well placed leathers. Good length of neck and correct length ratio. Well let down in pasterns, good coat, rise and pelt, tight span on the measure. Moved very well in the rear. 

  3. Brown & Grange’s - Afinlea Ratzer Ringlet; Tri smooth with a strong head, good mouth, good length of neck leading to well placed shoulder. Super coat and pelt. Tail well set on. This boy moved really well however he would benefit from a little less weight as it distorts his whole make, shape and outline. 


Open Dog (5/1)

  1. Vaughan’s - Ch Parruss Comache Chief JW; I have admired this boy for a long time and this is the first opportunity to have gone over him and he didn’t disappoint. Although he has no exaggeration what so ever he is a super all round Parson. Tri head with the darkest of eye, good dentition. Good reach of neck leading to a well placed shoulder, super front with, what is lacking in the breed, a small amount of forechest. Good length ratio, super coat and pelt easy span and fits the measure. Tail well set on just enough rear angulation. He moves with drive and purpose. Pushed me hard in the challenge was more than pleased to award him Reserve Best Dog in Show.

  2. Newport’s - Sweetjumpers Gentle Twister (IMP DNK) JW; Super workmanlike boy, strong tan head, although a little long in the muzzle, good lay of shoulder and another with a super front and just that tad of forechest. Good length ratio and rise, tail well set on and with the very best of rear angulation. Loved this boys overall construction. Needs a little more training on the move, movement ok. Fitted the measure with a super coat and pelt.

  3. Price’s - Ch Rymshott Samo At Andralock; Tan with the very best of heads and the keenest of expressions, perfect dentition, super leathers. Super coat and pelt, tail well set on, fitted the measure and an easy span, moved ok. 


Veteran Bitch (7/2) 

  1. Bigland’s - Ch Heythrop Tiadrop; Superb workmanlike bitch in fabulous condition not looking her 8 years at all, Good head with keen expression, perfect dentition, well placed leathers. The very best of fronts, nice reach of neck leading to good length ratio and good rise, tail well set on. Just the right amount or rear angulation, she moved with drive and purpose. Fits the measure with the very best of coats and pelt. Was more than pleased to award her Best Veteran in Show. 

  2. Hughes - Trumpmoor Exmoor Appey Daze; Another lady who didn’t look her 11 years at all, good head and mouth, good front leading to well placed shoulders, very tidy cat like feet for a lady of her age, good reach of neck and the right length ratio, tail set on well and good rear angulation. Fitted the measure with a good pelt and easy span, just coming out of coat today moved ok. 

  3. Neild’s - Janey Of St Clair At Logierait; Another 11 years young again not looking her age at all. Good head and mouth, well set leathers, Nice reach of neck leading to well placed shoulders, super tight cat like feet. Good reach of neck and good length ratio, good rise. Up on the measure tight span. Thoroughly enjoyed her day a very alert lady moved ok. 


Minor Puppy Bitch (6/1)

A difficult class with some super babies I am sure they will all have a great future in the ring.

  1. Ms S Kelly & Mr B Storey’s - Pacolito Rumor Has It; Very feminine bitch with a lovely head and good mouth. Good reach of neck, good length ratio, nice rise, well let down hocks. Moved really well in the rear for a baby. Up on the measure and tight span, good pelt but out of coat today.

  2. Newport’s - Atlantica High Flyer Into Digaden; Lovely head and good dentition, nice reach of neck leading to good shoulder placement. Tight cat like feet, super coat and pelt, good length ratio and tail well set on, although curling, moved well one to watch for the future. Pushed me hard for the No1 spot.

  3. Vaughan’s - Parruss Wachiwi; Pretty tri bitch, good head and mouth, ears well set when she used them. Super front and the tightest of cat like feet. Good reach of neck leading to well placed shoulder, good length ratio and rise. Tail well set on. Fits the measure and easy span. Moved well. 


Puppy Bitch (4/1)

  1. Smith & Moon’s - Alncroft I Zu Zu; Tri head, very smart young lady, super bone for one so young, good head, mouth and leathers. Her make and shape is just perfect. Well set on tail and the very best of rear angulation. Super coat and pelt, easy span and under the measure with room to grow. Moved really well although a little loose at present, give this lady time and I am sure she will be winning top honours, definitely one to watch for the future. Had no hesitation in awarding her Best Puppy bitch and reserve Best Bitch in Show. 

  2. Rimmer’s - Kylini Mona Lisa; Good head and mouth, well set leathers, good front, nice length ratio, well let down hocks. A well balanced bitch unfortunately carrying just a little too much weight today which spoilt her outline. Moved well. Fits the measure and good span and pelt.

  3. Blake’s - Pacolito Phlutter; Pretty girl, nice head and well set leathers, good reach of neck, good length ratio and tail well set on, just spanable and up on the measure moved ok. 


Junior Bitch (6/4)

  1. Rimmer’s - Kylini Mona Lisa

  2. Highfield’s - Badpole Bucks Fizz; Tan head, good mouth, good reach of neck and good length ratio nice rise. Easy span and fits the measure moved ok. 


Novice Bitch (4/2) 

  1. Brown & Grange’s - Afinlea Speckled Wood; Well marked feminine head, good mouth and leathers. Good reach of neck leading to a well placed shoulder, well let down in pasterns, good length ratio tail well set on, lovely rear angulation, moved well when not pacing. Superb coat and pelt, up on the measure and tight span. Would have preferred a little less weight to complete the picture. 

  2. Shelton’s - Pacolito Phirstry; Superb headed bitch, good mouth and leathers, lovely reach of neck and good length ratio, well set on tail. Nice rise and well let down hocks. Her downfall is not only her coat but also her weight otherwise a lovely bitch. 


Post Graduate Bitch (8/2) 

  1. Bigland’s - Heythrop Tiffin; Very feminine workmanlike bitch with a lovely head, good mouth and leathers, super reach of neck leading to a well placed shoulder, fabulous front and well let down pasterns. Good coat and pelt. Good length ratio and nice rise, tail well set on. Moved well, easy span and on measure.

  2. Walker’s - Matsstars Lily Of The Valley; Pretty bitch, good head mouth and leathers. Lovely reach of neck leading to a well placed shoulder, nice length ratio, good rise and well set on tail. Super coat and pelt, easy span and fits the measure. Moved ok. 

  3. Nield’s - Logierait Little Lotte; Another pretty lady, lovely head and mouth, well set leathers.Good reach of neck leading to well placed shoulder and super front. Good length ratio. Easy span and fits the measure. Great coat and pelt. Super rear angulation, moved well her downfall is her high set curled tail. 


Limit Bitch (9/1) 

  1. Chaffe’s - Ticcalilli Twitchytail; Tan headed bitch the prettiest of expressions, good mouth and leathers well set. Lovely reach of neck leading to well placed shoulders, good length ratio and tail well set on. Easy span and good pelt and coat. Moved really well pushed hard in the challenge, another young lady who I am sure will have her day. 

  2. Nixon’s - Gonetoground Go For Gold; Ultra feminine bitch, the prettiest of heads, good mouth and well placed leathers, super reach of neck, leading to well placed shoulder, lovely length ratio and good rise. Moved really well. Would have loved to see her with a little less weight on as it spoilt her outline.

  3. Tinegate’s - Milvinae All Aboard; Another pretty lady, fabulous head with perfect tri markings and good mouth, Lovely reach of neck leading to a good front and shoulders, good length ratio and rise. Good rear angulation. Not moving at her best seemed to be pacing at times. 


Open Bitch (10/3)

A very strong class with some fabulous bitches:

  1. Ms Kelly & Mr B Storey - Pacolito Phardante; Just what I was looking for, Superb feminine tan head with perfect markings. Good mouth and correct leathers. Lovely reach of neck leading to a well placed shoulder, and again just enough forechest to complete the picture. Well let down pastens and tight cat like feet. Good length ratio and nice rise leading to a well set on tail. Her rear angulation is just perfect and she didn’t disappoint on the move, moved with drive and purpose. Easy span with the best of coats and pelt. Loved everything about her had no hesitation in awarding her Best Bitch and Best In Show. I wish her and her owners well for a very bright future.

  2. Smith & Moon’s - Ch Alncroft I Spy; Another bitch out of the top drawer, heavier in stature to 1, fabulous head and leathers, good mouth, super reach of neck leading to well placed shoulders, good length ratio and tail well set on, another lady who excels in rear angulation. Moved very well behind. Super coat and pelt easy span fitted the measure.

  3. Rimmer’s - Kylini Magical Mist; Strong headed bitch although very pretty, good mouth and leathers well placed. Super reach of neck leading to well placed shoulder. Makes for a super outline when stood. Good pelt and span, good length ratio and tail well set on. Moved really well, easy span good pelt and fits the measure. Not in her best of jackets today. 



  1. Mrs L Vaughan; The perfect pair for brace, almost identical in colour, markings and make and shape moved freely and in harmony together. 

  2. Miss K Rimmer; Both of a similar size and shape, moved well together.

  3. Mrs L & Mr C Shelton; Lovely pair, moved ok. They obviously hadn’t done this together before; a little more training and I am sure they will master it.

Open Show Summer

Judge: Jinty Gill- Davis 

Best in Show: Wilson's - Ch Pacolito Highly Prized at Dragonmoor

Reserve Best in Show: Hooley's - Hoolmark Belle Starr JW

Best Opposite Sex: Hooley's - Hoolmark Belle Starr JW

Best Dog: Wilson's - Ch Pacolito Highly Prized at Dragonmoor

Reserve Best Dog: rice's - Ch Rymshott Samo at Andralok

Best Bitch: Hooley's - Hoolmark Belle Starr JW

Reserve Best Bitch: Kjempengren's - Revefotens Lilo

Best Veteran: Bigland's - Ch Heythrop Tiadrop

Best Puppy is Show: Kjempengren's - Revefotens Lilo

Veteran Dog (3,2)

  1. Farrow’s - Ch Glenholm Happy Go Lucky; Well made skull, jaws and muzzle. Good colour and set to eye with keen expression. Clean neck & well laid shoulder. Spannable ribs, neat couplings. Strong loin and hindquarters. Correct jacket & skin. Sound, free mover.


Junior Dog (1,0)

  1. Broadberry’s - Foxthorn Huron At Ratscallion; Neatly made skull and jaws. Excellent nose, muzzle and set to ears. Good head carriage, neck & lay of shoulder. Correct ribspring for age. Well coupled up. Correct loin, hindquarters and set on of tail. Moved well.


Post Gradate Dog (5,4)

  1. Sammways’ - Cassacre Viking Midshipman; Well made skull, stop and muzzle. Excellent eye and expression. Good head carriage, well laid shoulder and upper arm. Has quality and substance in bone. Spannable ribs, correct loin and couplings. Strong coat and skin. Fair mover.


Limit Dog (5,3)

  1. Smith’s - Tubize Mr. Sizzle; Up to size for me but having good balance and proportions over all. Scored well in neck and shoulders and bone structure. Spannable ribs, well made loin and couplings. Also scored in strength of thighs. Correct coat and skin. Sound, free mover.

  2. Stanways’ - Pacolito Patchez Betwixt Branarno; Typical head, eye & expression and ears. Shoulders rather upright. Good body and spannable ribs. Would like a little more second thigh. Supple skin and strong coat.


Open Dog (5,1)

A very competitive and strongly contested class

  1. Wilson’s - Ch. Pacolito High Prized At Dragonmoor; Aptly named, having quality, substance and breed type in abundance. Correct skull, stop, nose and muzzle. Strong underjaw, typical eye, expression and tabs. Excellent neck & forehand construction. Spannable ribs, strong loin & couplings. Muscular hindquarters with correct set on of tail. Strong jacket and supple skin. Sound, free mover covering the ground with easy strides in profile.

  2. Price’s - Ch Rymshott Samo At Anralok; Typical, masculine head, eye and keen expression. Correct ears and powerful jaws. Pleasing head carriage and forehand construction. Fine withers. Scored in depth of pads and soles of feet. Typical ribcage, strong loin and hindquarters with good set on of tail. Correct coat and skin. Sound, free mover with good, easy stride in profile.

  3. Newport’s - Digaden Playing The Field


Veteran Bitch (6,1)

  1. Bigland’s - Ch Heythrop Tiadrop; Typical, feminine skull, stop and muzzle. Correct set to eye and neat ears. Excellent head carriage, neck and forehand construction. Good withers, legs and feet. Spannable ribs, strong loin and muscular hindquarters. Supple skin. Sound mover with good gait in profile.

  2. Newport’s - Pacolito Xpectations; Well made skull, cheeks, muzzle and jaws. Keen eye and expression. Neat ears. Good general construction to forehand, legs and feet. Strong body and ribs. Fair hindquarters. Scored in coat and suppleness of skin.

  3. Newport’s - Pacolito Xceptional


Minor Puppy Bitch (1,0)

  1. Friery’s - Pacolito Philae; Typical, feminine head. Good skull, muzzle, strength of jaw, eye, expression and ears. Neat withers,well made body and ribs for age. Strong loin and hind quarters. Excellent coat and skin. Happy mover.


Puppy Bitch (5,3)

  1. Kjempengren’s - Revefotens Lilo; Correct head properties. Good skull, stop and muzzle, on which she scored. Well set, keen eye and expression framed by neat tabs. Pleasing head carriage, neck, withers and upper arm. Good bone structure to limbs and feet. Excellent, spannable ribs and body, graceful loin and well turned hindquarters with correct set on of tail. Supple skin and well furnished coat for age. Sound, free mover with correct gait and outline. Very promising youngster.

  2. Broadberry’s - Ratscallion Firefly; Another attractive youngster. Good skull, tabs, eye and expression. Pleasing over all construction and general make, shape and type. Correct coat and skin. Moved soundly.


Junior Bitch  (5,0)

  1. Kjempengren’s - Revefotens Lilo

  2. Broadberry's- Alncroft In Tune at Ratscallion;  Promising youngster. Neatly made head, eye and ears. Good expression. Strong jaws. Well made neck and forehand, body and ribs. Strong hindquarters and well padded feet, on which she scored. Correct set on of tail, skin and coat. Moved well.

  3. Prices - Andralok Faith


Novice Bitch (1,0)

  1. Shelton’s - Pacolito Phirstry; Typical head, good eye and expression. Fine tabs when paying attention. Chest a shade deep. Strong ribcage and loin with well turned hindquarters. Good skin and coat. Fair mover.


Post Graduate Bitch  (6,2)

  1. Friery’s Pacolito Padantic. Excellent head, eye and expression. Strong muzzle and jaws. Scored in over all make, shape and type. Clean withers, good legs and feet. Pleasing body and ribs. Well made loin and hindquarters. Happy mover with good gait.

  2. Brown & Grange’s Afinlea Speckled Wood. Similar make, shape and outline to 1. Neat ears, attentive eye and expression. Scored in body and ribs, legs and feet. Well made hindquarters. Moved well once into stride.

  3. Bigland’s Heythrop Tiffin


Limit Bitch (4,1)

  1. Meyer’s Coclestane Cinnamon. Good strong jaws, neat ears, keen eye and expression. Excellent over all make, shape and outline. Well made legs and feet. Spannable ribs and body. Scored in hindquarters.

  2. Shelton’s Boultmoor True Delight. Typical head, good eye and expression, ears and head carriage. A shade heavy over withers. Good legs and feet, body and ribs. Happy mover.

  3. Newport’s Digaden Glamouruss


Open Bitch (9,5)

  1. Hooley’s - Hoolmark Belle Starr. Feminine, typical skull, stop and muzzle. Correct eye set and expression and neat tabs. Good head carriage, neck and forehand. Clean withers, legs and feet. Up to size but well balanced throughout. Well made body and ribs, powerful loin and hindquarters, on which she scored. Sound, free mover covering the ground with ease and correct outline in profile.

  2. Newport’s - Digaden Taylor Made. Another typical, feminine head. Good eye and expression. Inclined to fly ears a little. Good over all make, shape and type in outline. Strong body and ribs. Well made hindquarters. Good skin and coat. Went well on the move.

  3. Rimmer’s - Kylini Magical Myst


Brace (5,2)

  1. Broadberry’s - Best matched for markings, coat type, make, shape and breed type.

  2. Newport’s - Unmatched coat types but well matched for conformation.

  3. Shelton’s

Championship Show

Judge: Zena Thorn Andrews


Best in Show: Wilson's - Ch Pacolito Highly Prized at Dragonmoor

Reserve Best in Show: Wood's - Ardencote Triintimes

Best Opposite Sex: Wood's - Ardencote Triintimes

Dog CC: Wilson's - Ch Pacolito Highly Prized at Dragonmoor

Reserve Dog CC: Broadberry's - Foxthorn Huron at Ratscallion

Bitch CC: Wood's - Ardencote Triintimes

Reserve Bitch CC: Chalkley's - Ardencote Tabatha

Best Veteran in Show: Farrow's - Ch Glenholm Happy Go Lucky

Best Puppy is Show: Collis' - Riplington Dream Image

Best Puppy Dog: Baker’s - Vadbakken’s Liquorice to Pacolito (Imp Nor)

Best Puppy Bitch: Collis' - Riplington Dream Image

The 25th anniversary show of this special club. Having been involved with judging Hunt terriers since the 60’s, I feel that the Parsons are one of my very special breeds and interest, and I have followed the progress of the breed closely over many years. The Club had put on a very special show with masses of prizes and other goodies. Thanks to the Officers and Committee for looking after me so well. 

BIS from 107 entries went to Mrs. Wilson’s Ch Pacolito Highly Prized at Dragonmoor. Just the type of ‘proper’ Parson I like and he stole the show. Res BIS and Best Bitch a first CC for Mrs. Wood’s Ardencote Triintimes, feminine yet very strong and as precise on the move as the male. Res BCC a relation in Mr and Mrs Chalkley’s Ardencote Tabitha sired by Ch Parruss Comanche Chief, a dog I have very much admired in the past. Res DCC another junior Dr. and Mr. Broadberry’s Foxthorn Huron at Ratscallion also sired by Comanche Chief I see. Another sire featuring a great deal was a terrier I haven’t seen I don’t think, was Ch Mister Bonamonty, he seems to crop up in a lot of the winners pedigrees. Lovely to see all the pedigrees printed in the back of the catalogue, so interesting. Other sires to do well with excellent stock were Ch Pacolito Phirstprize and Ch Alncroft Blackthorn. 

Minor Puppy Dog (10) 

  1. Baker’s - Vadbakken’s Liquorice to Pacolito (Imp Nor); Good for size and proportions. Lovely head, correct eyes for placement and pigment, neat ears, well ribbed for age, sound and true moving. Very promising and he has a lovely length of stride in profile (BPD).

  2. Bigland’s - Ardencote Tutor with Heythrop; Smart and I also admired his outline, topline correct with arch over loin, correct set of tail. Back skull a touch too broad and his ears could be carried closer to cheek. Good legs and feet, would prefer less ticking in coat, smart mover. 

  3. Rimmer’s - Maanimain Doubleshot over Kylini (Imp Fin); A good sized pup, a mite short in neck and restricted in front extension. Well made body, correct rear, tail could be straighter. In good coat, moved well in rear. 

Puppy Dog (6) 

  1. Minett’s - Pacolito Second Edition to Rountfelley; He could with about another 4oz of weight, but he is nicely made and extremely well muscled. Liked his head and ears, enough neck, well laid shoulders and good upper arm slope, but he moves a touch elbowy. Excellent body, good for size and slight arch over loin. Lovely type. 

  2. Newman’s - Digaden Top Ace; Bigger dog, coat very ticked, tail set a wee bit too low. Typical head, slightly shorter muzzle, a good width to underjaw, firm legs and tidy working feet, reasonable mover.

  3. Newport’s - Digaden Top Hat and Tails; Very long coupled and dips in topline, tail carriage could be better. Another with a good skull and muzzle, (ears too big though) excellent coat and a fair mover. 

Junior Dog (3) 

  1. Broadberry’s - Foxthorn Huron at Ratscallion; Big enough and would like a flatter back skull and better placement and carriage of ears, good foreface and pigment, sound, free and active on the move, holding a lovely topline and perfect carriage of tail. Strong legs and feet. Looks a good working type. (Res CC). 

  2. Wood’s - Ardencote Taber; Shows well, nicely bodied and ribs carried well back, good quarters and another perfect set and carriage of tail. Very tied in at the elbow and knitted in front movement. Ok in head, ears a touch high set. Good flat dense coat. Another with good legs and compact feet.

Graduate Dog (2) 

  1. Farrow’s - Glencymreig Two in One; A touch on the big side, beautiful muscled and “hard as nails”. Pleasing head, ears a bit too high set, good neck, lovely stride in profile, feet could be tighter, shallower chest than 2nd, which I preferred. Excellent topline, tail set a little too high. Grand quarters and tight coat. 

  2. Rutter’s - Boultmoor Badge of Honor; Again, he could be a size smaller. Rather thick in back skull and cheeks should be flatter. Super front and forechest, feet too flat, rather too deep in chest. Good behind and he too has a lovely length of stride in profile. Well handled and shown in lovely muscle. 

Post Graduate Dog (6) 

  1. Yerbury’s - Beauforts Charles James; Good size and proportions of height to length, reasonable front although he could be truer coming towards, well made ribbing, topline and quarters. Has a lengthy stride in profile and good harsh coat. 

  2. Stanway’s - Pacolito Patchez Betwixt Bramarno; Good size for a male, reasonable head, strong well rounded neck, feet rather open and flat. Good topline and length of back slightly longer than high. Ok in quarters. Would prefer less ticking in coat.

  3. Nixon’s - Gonetoground Oscar Nominee; Tall and rather square in proportions and looks very leggy at present. He has a good stride, pleasing head and back skull, neat ears, and ok in rear. A really showy dog and easy span for all his height. 


Limit Dog (10) 

  1. Newport’s - Sweetjumpers Gentle Twister (Imp Dnk) JW; Looked a little too low on leg but overall height ok. Good legs and feet, well rounded neck, good arch over loin and powerful impressive quarters.

  2. Denby-Gardner’s - Tubize Mr. Wriggle at Ammanday; Too tall but maybe a better type overall! Just tied in coming towards. Ok in head and eyes, good neck, well coated and tail set ok. 

  3. Sturdy’s Alncroft Imperial. Strong and fit, chest rather too deep and needs a little more length of neck. Good firm back and a fair mover. 

Open Dog (8) 

  1. Wilson’s - Ch Pacolito Highly Prized at Dragonmoor; A class to be proud of! Good quality right down the line. Winner ideal type and proportions, pleasing head, excellent lay of shoulder, correct length of leg, super body and tail carriage. Precise in rear and lengthy stride in profile. Pasterns and feet could be stronger but I am being very picky! In lovely coat and muscle tone. (DCC & BIS). 

  2. Whiteley’s - Sunrock and Russell Yard’s Made in America (Imp USA); Hard and fit, the most beautiful head and eyes! I thought he would be my winner but he just wasn’t stretching out in the same manner as above. Super size and proportions, excellent coat and tail set. Well muscled and that gorgeous head! 

  3. Blair and Hadley’s- Cleeve Hill Kasper; Another top quality boy, not the head or ear set of winners, and a touch weak in foreface. Super ribbing and topline, neat impressive quarters, good legs and feet. Sound free mover. 


Veteran Dog (2) 

  1. Farrow’s - Ch Glenholm Happy Go Lucky JW; 7 and half years old and ‘fit as a flea’. Enjoying himself, holding a lovely hard topline, well made body, pleasing head and expression. Nice set on of tail. (BV).

  2. Rimmer’s - Ch/Ir/Int Ch Kylini Celtic Wizzard JW; 15 and half years and a real credit to his owner. Certainly enjoying his day out and moving with great zest. Lovely coat, and still has all his teeth! 


Minor Puppy Bitch (8) 

  1. Collis’ - Riplington Dream Image; A nice class! Winner good for size and proportions of height to length. Well constructed, good body and chest not too deep. Sound free mover. Would prefer a little more bone.

  2. Newport’s - Digaden Made to Measure; Has more bone than winner but not quite her outline in profile at the moment. She is probably growing “bum high” at present. Lovely head, neck and general front assembly, neat rear and a good mover. 

  3. Baker’s - Rountfelley Bealongs to Pacolito; Just a touch square and needs more extension in front movement, pleasing head and neck, fair front, rise over loin and strong enough in rear for age. 

Puppy Bitch (4) 

  1. Whiteley’s - Ruby Red of Degla; Out of coat on the day but head hair was hard. Super puppy, enchanting quizzical expression. Ideal size, good width and strength in rear. Well set tail but it comes over too much. Sound legs and feet and really true and precise on the move.

  2. Baker’s - Pacolito American Edition; Good hard coat, also has lovely bone, good firm legs and tight feet. Correct depth and width of chest. Rising up too much over loin at the moment, and she was moving very wide going away. Good type and free stride in profile. 

  3. Walker’s - Matsstars Mistletoe; Tall bitch, a little too square and “fox terrier like” in type. Holds herself nicely and is very sound on the move. Tail too curly and over back. 

Junior Bitch (5) 

  1. Chalkley’s - Ardencote Tabatha; Good quality youngster, out of coat on the day, but top coat hard enough. Super neck and shoulders, flexible body, true mover, well set tail. A lovely bitch in the making. (Res CC).

  2. Broadberry’s - Alncroft in Tune at Ratscallion; Excellent size and height to length ratio, her front is a little too swingy coming towards and withers could be higher. Well balanced for proportions, sound legs and feet, and she moved well in rear. 

  3. Highfield’s - Bradpole Beauty; Tail comes over her back too far, pleasing head and ears carried close to cheeks. Strong lengthy neck, not too deep in chest and good over loin. Promising. 


Novice Bitch (3) 

  1. Chalkley’s - Ardencote Tabatha.

  2. Gray’s - Mudgi Meadowcoft Matilda; Tallish and very soft coated, but better proportions than 3rd. Tail set could be better. Quite a true mover and lovely personality.

  3. Pell’s - Pipinsbrook Minnie the Minx at Olliebark; Low on leg for her body, good hard coat, ok in topline. Very weak foreface. Also moved quite truly. 

Graduate Bitch (4) 

  1. Storey and Kelly’s - Pacolito Rumour Has It at Brizanrae; Stunning head with correct shaped eyes, strong slightly shorter foreface., flat wedge shaped skull, good neck and front. A bit flat over croup and would like more bone. Impressive mover all round.

  2. Gray’s - Bradpole Big Bickies of Mudgi; Not the strength in fore face of above and could be a little harder in condition. Nicely boned for size, ok mover all round and showing well. 

  3. Morton’s - Pacolito Phantacy Really nice bith of idea size, length and leg length. She spoilt her chances as her tail was clamped down. Pleasing head, strong and workmanlike throughout. 

Post Graduate Bitch (9) 

  1. Tinegate’s - Milvinae Whats the Story; Maybe too tall, but I preferred her type, correct topline. A neat bitch, sound a free mover with a pleasing head and expression. Good bone and super quarters.

  2. Bowden’s - Pacolito Mistress at Llyunamill; Shows superbly and so well put down. Sound up and back, but could have better laid shoulders and more extension in side gait. Liked her head and hard coat. Rather too square in body shape. 

  3. Kannangara’s - Sherosco Christmas Rose; 7 year old, whose ears are not her fortune! She has good body construction, super size, correct tail carriage, not too high, and is in good condition. Precise mover too! 

Limit Bitch (14) 

  1. Wood’s - Ardencote Triintimes; Her ears are a little too high set but head shape is good with plenty of strength and “wireyness” throughout her body. Excellent size and she is feminine yet strong, covers the ground in profile gait and her markings are ideal with the spot over the base of her tail. Lovely quality. (CC & RBIS).

  2. Minett’s - Rountfelley Beajewelled; Very strong also and fit as they come! Pleasing head and neck, not too deep in chest. Ribs carried well back. Moved a touch close going away and she carries her head extremely high.

  3. Newport’s - Digaden Taylor Made; Another of good type and quality, pasterns could be firmer and topline is a touch extreme. Good quarters well angulated without being overdone. She had excellent bone too. 

Open Bitch (10) 

  1. Storey and Kelly’s - Pacolito Phardante; Nice feminine girl and in hard condition. Pleasing head, flat cheeks, neat ears. Sound mover both ways, well ribbed back, reasonable coat. Looked good for length of stride in profile and dead true up and down. Should make up I think. 

  2. Nixon’s - GonetoGround Go for Gold; Another very feminine bitch of good make and shape. Her movement was ok but if she were in harder condition she would do better. Well handled to get the best out of her.

  3. Baker’s - Ch Pacolito Phirstedition; Hard and fit, sound and true, rather a big bitch and I thought her very masculine, nothing to dislike about her construction or movement but just would make a fabulous dog! 

Veteran Bitch (9) 

  1. Bigland’s - Heythrop Tiadrop; Some lovely “oldies” present. Winner certainly didn’t look like a veteran. Good size, strong fore face and width of bottom jaw. Good neck, ok in body and she moved out nicely.

  2. Walker’s - Ammanday Apple; Not quite the shoulder set of winner but she certainly moves well and with some drive even at her age. Reachy neck, well bodied and in good nick. 

  3. Neild’s - Janey of St Clair at Logierait; Older girl not disgraced. Standing she was shaking in the rear but didn’t shake moving. Must have been a real beauty some years back.

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