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2016 Club Show Results

Open Show Spring

Judge: Lena Kjempengren (Revefoten)

Best in Show: Broadberry's - Foxthorn Huron at Ratscallion

Reserve Best in Show: Smith & Moon's - Alncroft In Gold

Best Opposite Sex: Smith & Moon's - Alncroft In Gold

Best Dog: Broadberry's - Foxthorn Huron at Ratscallion

Reserve Best Dog: Bigland's - Ardencote Tutor with Heythrop

Best Bitch: Smith & Moon's - Alncroft In Gold

Reserve Best Bitch: Broadberry's - Alncroft In Tune at Ratscallion

Best Veteran: Walker's - Ammanday Apple

Best Puppy is Show: King & Stanway - Bramano Woodvylle Wytch

Thank you to the club for the invitation to judge this Open Show. It was a joy! I would also like to thank the committee and my two efficient stewards for their good work. I was happy to have many Parson Russells of high quality to go over and sporting exhibitors. Thank you for making my day! I was also very pleased to meet Ruth Wilford at the show, it’s been a long time since we first met. 

Veteran Dog: (2)

  1. Highfield’s - Bradpole Beau of Guestwick; 9 year old dog in excellent condition, coat and pelt. Well muscled, still spannable and moved well.

  2. Hall’s - Frithgarth Jack Frost; 11 years old well kept dog. Nice overall conformation, just not spannable today. 

Minor Puppy Dog (2:1)

  1. Bowden’s - Chellowside Starmix; 6 months old puppy. Nice head . Nice overall type and size, just a bit leggy at the moment. Would like more layback of shoulder, but a long, well placed upper arm. Good coat and pelt, easily spanned.

Puppy Dog: (2)

  1. King’s - Bramarno Prince of Bohemia; 12 months old dog of nice type. Not in the best of coats today, but good texture and a good pelt. Moves well out. Spannable.

  2. Storey & Kelly’s - Mindlen Arran at Brizanrae; 11 months old. Nice type and size. Good head, neck and shoulders. Excellent coat and pelt. Wouldn’t really show his movements today. 


Junior Dog (6:1) 

  1. Bigland’s - Ardencote Tutor with Heythrop; workmanlike 1 year old dog. Excellent size and type. Smooth coat, excellent pelt. Good overall conformation, flexible and very spannable chest. Good mover.

  2. Kirkby’s - Rountfelley Bespoke; a dog of excellent type and good overall conformation. Good coat and pelt, spannable. Just not as settled on the move as no. 1. 

  3. Rimmer’s - Maanmainion Douibleshot over Kylini (Imp Fin) 


Novice Dog (1) 

  1. Newport’s - Digaden Top Ace; 14 months old dog of excellent type and well shaped all over. Excellent coat and pelt. Just spannable. Needs to settle on the move, but showed himself better in this class. 


Post Graduate Dog (3) 

  1. Yerbury’s - Beauforts Charles James; dog of very good type. Excellent size, coat and pelt. Spannable. Moves well.

  2. Minett’s - Pacolito Second Edition to Rountfelley; well shaped and well muscled dog. Not in the best coat today. Elbows should be closer to the body, otherwise moving out well. 

  3. Stanway’s - Pacolito Patchex Betwixt Bramarno


Limit Dog (4) 

  1. Broadberry’s - Foxthorn Huron at Ratscallion; excellent, workmanlike type. Correct size and shown in very good condition. Flexible body and easily spannable. Free and ground covering movements.

  2. Baker’s - Pacolito Special Edition; another nicely put together dog. Balanced all over, excellent coat and pelt. A good mover. 

  3. Baker’s - Vadbakken’s Licquorice to Pacolito (Imp Nor) 


Open Dog (2:1) 

  1. Blair and Hadley’s - Cleeve Hill Kasper; overall nice type. Excellent coat and pelt and moves well. Just not spannable.

Veteran Bitch (4)

  1. Walker’s - Ammanday Apple; very well kept, feminine 8 year old bitch of good size. Good coat and pelt. Easily spannable. Moves well. 

  2. Newport’s - PacolitoXceptional; 10 year old strong bitch. Overall good conformation, just a wee bit heavy today and not spannable. Moves well.

  3. Bigland’s - Ch Heythrop Tiadrop

Minor Puppy Bitch (1)

  1. Hall’s - Frithgarth Sky Lantern; 6 months old strong bitch puppy. Excellent coat and pelt. Nice, steady and smooth movements. A bit heavy and barely spannable today. 

Puppy Bitch (3) 

  1. Stanway & King’s - Bramarno Woodvylle Witch; 12 months old. Excellent type and size. Good coat structure and pelt, although not in the best of coats today. Well shaped chest and ribs carried well back. Moves well. Easily spanned.

  2. Harcourt-Morris’s - Kylini Primadiva for Lenacourt; 12 months old. Very good type and size. Good coat structure. Flexible body and easily spannable. Moves well.

  3. Nixon’s - Gonetoground Bright Star

Junior Bitch (4)

  1. Newport’s - Digaden Made to Measure; 15 months old well developed bitch of excellent type. Very good overall structure. Super coat, pelt and condition. Easily spanned, moves well.

  2. Bigland’s - Ardencote Teach in with Heythrop; feminine bitch of excellent size and type. Excellent coat and pelt. Easily spannable and moves well for age.

  3. Collis’s - Riplington Dream Image

Novice Bitch (1)

  1. Gray’s - Bradpole Big Bickies of Mudgi; feminine, but strong and well muscled bitch. Excellent coat and pelt. Free and easy mover. Just spannable. 

Post Graduate Bitch (6:1) 

  1. Walker’s - Matsstars Lily of the Valley; feminine, workmanlike bitch of good size. Good coat and pelt. Moves well. Spannable.

  2. Blair’s - Gonetoground Go Getter; very feminine bitch of good size. Excellent coat and pelt. Flexible and spannable.

  3. Bigland’s - Heythrop Tiffin

Limit Bitch (10:2)

  1. Broadberry’s - Alncroft in Tune with Ratscallion; feminine, workmanlike bitch of excellent size and type. Balanced all over. Flexible chest that is easy to span. Presented in excellent coat. Good pelt. Excellent side gate.

  2. Hooley’s - Hoolmark Belle Starr JW; elegant bitch of excellent type. Overall nice conformation. Very good coat and pelt. Spannable. Good mover.

  3. Shelton’s - Boultmoor True Delight

Open Bitch (8:3)

  1. Smith’s - Alncroft in Gold; strong, still feminine bitch, shown in super condition. Excellent conformation and balanced all over. Excellent coat and pelt. Moves very well. Spannable.

  2. Kelly & Storey’s - Pacolito Phardante;  feminine and elegant bitch. Good size and angulations, excellent coat and condition. Moves well. Spannable.

  3. Hooley’s - Ch Hoolmark Boppin Robyn JW


  1. Broadberry; a very similar couple of dogs. Both workmanlike, with excellent conformation. Excellent size, coats and pelts. Smooth movements. A very nice couple. 

Open Show Summer

Judge: Matt Smith


Best in Show: Collis' - Ch Riplington Black Cherry

Reserve Best in Show: Young's - Chadbrook Electra;

Best Opposite Sex: Rimmer's - Maanmainion Doubleshot over Kylini

Best Dog: Rimmer's - Maanmainion Doubleshot over Kylini

Reserve Best Dog: Bigland's - Ardencote Tutor with Heythrop

Best Bitch: Collis' - Ch Riplington Black Cherry

Reserve Best Bitch:Young's - Chadbrook Electra

Best Veteran: Bigland's - Ch Heythrop Tiadrop

Best Puppy is Show: Young's - Chadbrook Electra

Best Puppy Dog: Young's - Chadbrook Roux

Best Puppy Bitch:  Young's - Chadbrook Electra

Thank you to the Club and it's members for the opportunity to judge at this summer's show and to the exhibitors for their quality entry. It was a lovely day to be outside at a super new venue and the atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly. Overall I was very pleased with the quality of exhibits I had to go over particularly in the bitch classes with many decisions being very close. I am very pleased to say that I could span every exhibit and there was nothing oversized. Although the Parson is not a “head” breed I do feel that I saw a few too many round eyes and oversized ears. The correct keen, intelligent expression is lost with either of these faults. More of a temporary issue was that several were lacking in coat on the day which did affect some placings. 

Veteran Dog (2/1)

  1. Boggia's - Boughton Brassica; 8 year old with a lovely well marked t/w head. Good eye and ear, ok for neck and shoulder. Well ribbed, good topline and tailset. Perhaps not the keenest of show dogs but moved well when settled and looked and felt well for age.

Junior Dog (2/1)

  1. Bigland's - Ardencote Tutor with Heythrop; lightly broken coated t/w dog of good size. Strong muzzle and jaw with correct dark eye, well placed ears of good size although doesn't always use them in his favour. Lovely in front with great feet. Comfortably spanned with correct topline and tailset and well muscled quarters giving him decent drive on the move. Despite being somewhat distracted in the challenge I was pleased to award him RBD.

  2. Young's - Chadbrook Roux; promising 10 month old puppy. Stronger, shorter coupled type than 1 but certainly much to like. Well made masculine head without being coarse flowing into a good neck and shoulder, moved well for one so young and has a real presence about him. Will watch with interest to see how he develops BPD. 


Post Graduate Dog (4/1)

  1. Wood's - Ardencote Taber; young dog not long out of junior, t/w of lovely type. Correct Parson head with an excellent eye and ears. Head flows into good neck and well laid shoulders. Good feet, narrow body and comfortably spanned. Moved well. Correct lightly broken coat and good pelt.

  2. Yerbury's - Beauforts Charles James; masculine 2 year old t/w dog. Stronger in head and body than 1. Turned out in good condition, both in coat and muscle. Spannable but a touch short coupled and felt rather inflexible. Sound mover. My thanks to the exhibitor for the sporting way in which my placement was taken, my experience is based on years of working terriers, not fantasy.

  3. McCluskey's - Chadbrook Rocket. 


Limit Dog (3/2)

  1. Young's- Parkins Target of Chadbrook; 2 year old tri dog, good strong tri marked head. I have underlined size in my notes, he really is an excellent size with good ribbing and span and coupling. he is a well balanced dog but perhaps a touch upright both ends. Good bone with lovely front and good feet. Well muscled and moved with purpose. 


Open Dog (3/1) 

  1. Rimmer's - Maanmainion Doubleshot over Kylini; tri coloured junior dog with much to like. Another of very good size. Correct head with good mouth, not overdone in anyway with good neck, shoulder ok, standing on good legs and feet. Good double coat and decent pelt. Well ribbed spannable chest with correct topline and tailset. His movement, particularly coming and going is very sound and true. Handled well to get the best out of him. BD/BOS

  2. Blair and Hadley's - Cleeve Hill Kasper; Nearly five year old all white dog. Made his handler work hard today but when he settles into his stride his movement is always worth a watch. Up to size but still spannable. Scores in head, neck and, shoulder, well muscled strong rear quarters giving him good drive. 


Veteran Bitch (4/1)

  1. Bigland's - Ch Heythrop Tiadrop; worthy champion of a type that sadly you don't see a lot of these days. Lovely moderate and balanced bitch. Feminine head with good eye and ear, good neck and shoulder. Best of fronts and feet, correct topline and tailset. Belies her nearly nine years BVIS

  2. Newport's - Digaden Glamouruss; A year younger than 1 but again was in tiptop condition. There is much to like about this tri marked bitch in good rough coat. Good for size, well balanced with a lovely feminine head. Moved and showed well. 


Minor Puppy Bitch (4/1)

  1. Newport’s - Digaden Just So; This youngster was the most mature in the class and with lots of potential. Lovely type and size, correct wedge shaped head with lovely expression. Liked her neck with good shoulder, correct topline and very good behind. Excellent coat and pelt. Moved well. Will watch her progress with interest.

  2. Hobson's - Dalbrok Duskey Dawn; a first time in the ring for both owner and puppy but definitely worth persevering in this new venture. 8 month old t/w bitch with lightly broken coat. She is very raw with plenty of maturing to do. Beautiful feminine head, good in neck and shoulder, narrow front. Good feet. Lovely size, well ribbed, correct rise over line. A little lose in her movement but would hope with maturity this will tighten up.

  3. Chaffe's - Rougeau Simply Sassy. 


Puppy Bitch (4/1)

  1. Young's - Chadbrook Electra; Tri colour 10 month old puppy. Caught my eye straight away. Has a carriage and attitude beyond her age. Lovely dark eye, well set ears carried well. Lovely outline, correct neck flows into good shoulder and keeps flowing into topline with just the right amount of rise over the line, well set tail and a very good backend. Good for bone and standing on compact feet. Excellent movement in profile with good drive. Correct broken coat and good pelt. This a lovely balanced, moderate bitch with lots of promise. Couldn't deny her RBB/RBIS/BPIS

  2. Newport's - Digaden Just So.

  3. Hobson's - Dalbrok Duskey Dawn. 


Junior Bitch (3)

  1. Bigland's - Ardencote Teach In with Heythrop; another youngster of lovely size. Wedge shaped tan/w head with the best of eyes and ears, good in neck and shoulder. Easily spanned and narrow. Moderate with good profile. Moved well when settled.

  2. Collis' - Riplington Dream Image; Good in head but slightly heavier in ear than 1. Good length of neck but would prefer a bit more strength, shoulder ok with plenty of upper arm. Good topline and tailset.

  3. Hobson's - Dalbrok Duskey Dawn. 


Novice Bitch (3/1)

  1. Hobson's - Dalbrok Duskey Dawn.

  2. Shelton's - Pacolito Phirstry; 3 year old tri bitch with a quality head, ok in neck and shoulder, spannable, good tailset and carriage. 


Post Graduate Bitch (3/1)

  1. Bigland's - Heythrop Tiffin; daughter of BVIS which is easily seen. Lovely head, excellent size, good ribs and comfortably spanned. Good neck and well balanced. Losing a bit of coat but was in very good condition. Moved well.

  2. Blair's - Gonetoground Go Getter; Lovely head with good eye and ear. Excellent lightly broken coat and good pelt. Narrow, spannable bitch with correct topline. Moved well in profile. Well handled. 


Limit bitch (8/3)

  1. Tinegate's - Milvinae All Aboard; three year old tri colour bitch of lovely type. Beautiful, feminine wedge shaped head with a dark eye. Lovely neck, shoulder and fore-quarter angulation. Narrow in front with the best of feet. Good coat and pelt. Balanced bitch of good length with rise over loin and good tailset. Easy mover.

  2. Chaffe's - Ticcalilli Twitchytail; three year old tri bitch. This is another quality bitch that pushed 1 very hard, stunning head with excellent neck and good shoulder. Narrow, well ribbed, good length and moved well. Would prefer tighter feet.

  3. Rimmer's - Kylini Mona Lisa Ir Jun Ch


Open Bitch (6/1)

This was the class of the day. I was splitting hairs between these five quality bitches that could change places on another day.

  1. Collis' - Ch Riplington Black Cherry; Lovely head, strong but still feminine, good mouth, dark almond eye, good ear set and carriage. Lovely neck with correct shoulder placement. Spannable, just enough rise over the loin, good tailset and one of the better backends on the day. Correct height to length, well off for bone and good feet. Moved with good purpose, lovely bitch BB/BIS

  2. Newports - Digaden Made to Measure; this junior bitch pushed very hard for the class. Super in profile with excellent neck and shoulder, good for size and easily spanned, correct double coat, and pleasing quarters, just needs to tighten up in movement which will come with maturity. Will watch her progress with interest,

  3. Hooley's - Ch Hoolmark Boppin Robyn. 



  1. Rimmer's brace -  A well matched pair, moving well in unison.

  2. Young's brace - two very promising youngsters, moving out well together. 

Championship Show

Judge: Mrs. Lesley Roberts (Mindlen)

Best in Show:  Bigland's - Ardencote Tutor with Heythrop

Reserve Best in Show:  Smith and Moon's - Alncroft Tussle

Best Opposite Sex: Smith and Moon's - Alncroft Tussle

Dog CC: Bigland's - Ardencote Tutor with Heythrop

Reserve Dog CC:  Kirkby's - Rountfelley Beaspoke

Bitch CC: Smith and Moon's - Alncroft Tussle

Reserve Bitch CC:  Bowden's - Pacolito Mistress at Llyunmill ShCm

Best Veteran in Show: Smith and Moon's - Ch Alncroft Blackthorn

Best Puppy is Show: Baker's - Pacolito Protolythic

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