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2018 Club Show Results


Open Show Spring

Judge: Mr. Tonny Minett (Rountfelley)


Best in Show: Storey and Kelly's Pacolito Simply Strategic at Brizanrae ShCM

Reserve Best in Show: Dayman & Cole's - Pacolito Phial Edition

Best Opposite Sex: Baker's - Ch Pacolito Protolvthic JW

Best Dog: Baker's - Ch Pacolito Protolvthic JW
Reserve Best Dog: Hooley's - Hoolmark Johnny Guitar

Best Bitch: Storey and Kelly's Pacolito Simply Strategic at Brizanrae ShCM;
Reserve Best Bitch: Dayman & Cole's - Pacolito Phial Edition
Best Veteran: Smith's - Ch Bethane Hulabaloo; 
Best Puppy is Show: Wood's - Ardencote Tarka


Thank you for inviting me to judge this show at this new and very well-appointed venue. My Stewards provided me with excellent service for which I am grateful and  the committee on the day worked to produce a well organised show with out-standing catering. The dogs that were kindly presented to  me were all very good representations of the breed and I had some hard decisions to make. There were some specimens that were simply of outstanding quality.

Junior Dog (2,0)

  1. Hooley's - Hoolmark Johnny Guitar; 14 months old with tan badger read markings and tan tail spot. In good coat with well proportioned head. Correct ear set and good reach of neck. Very good front angulation and presenting a very pleasing outline. Easily spanned. Moved and stood very well. RBD

  2. Foster's - Hoolmark Paleface; Littermate to 1 with less tan marking to head and tan tail spot. Strong broad wedge shaped head. Slightly heavier than his brother but easily spanned. Friendly, alert and moved particularly well putting him in close contention to winner.


Limit Dog (2,1)

  1. Storey and Kelly's - Pacolito Simply Strategic at Brizanrae ShCM; 22 months old with tan badger head markings. Very well presented but played the handler up almost con-stantly. Easily spanned and well angulated. Correct tailset and well defined second thigh. Coat a shade thin today. Settled on the move.


Open Dog (4,2)

  1. Baker's - Ch Pacolito Protolvthic JW; 2 ½ years old with well proportioned, correctly shaped head and tan badger markings. Expressive dark almond eyes and strong teeth with good bite. Easily spannable and well angulated all round. Good tailset and length. Harsh coat on thick pelt but quite long which detracted a little from overall outline. Moved very well on tight feet. BD, BOS

  2. Smith's - Tubize Mr Sizzle; 4 ½ years old with striking black head markings. Nicely proportioned head with good shallow stop. Excellent reach and front angulation. Correct topline and coat which showed his muscular body well. Really unsettled on move which made movement hard to assess but presented a good outline in the line up


Veteran Bitch (4,0)

  1. Smith's - Ch Bethane Hulabaloo;  At 11 years old this tri headed girl is truly defying age and credit to her owners for keeping her in this condition. Lovely proportioned head with shallow stop and good ear placement. Good reach, spannable and great top line. Very good rear angulation with good bend of stifle. Harsh, dense coat. Moved well for age. BVIS

  2. Meyer's - Boughton Bliss for Coclestane; 10 years old with tan speckled ears. Nicely proportioned wedge shaped head, lovely dark almond shaped eyes. Correctly set ears with good leather. Dense even coat. Legs well tucked under at the front. Spannable and moved sprightly on neat tight feet

  3. Newport's - Digaden Glamouruss;  9 years old with strong wedge shaped black badger head accentuated by tan eye brows. Good reach and great front angulation, spannable and with heavy harsh coat. Moved with purpose.

  4. Newports - Pacolito Xpectations;


Minor Puppy Bitch (1,0)

  1. Wood's - Ardencote Tarka;  8 months old baby with tan head marking along with tan extending from root of tail upwards. A little finer in proportions than most entries today but certainly not to any detriment. Good shaped head with neat ears used to full advantage. Dark appealing almond shaped eyes. Good front angulation and very easily spannable as expected at this age. Good hard coat that was just starting to get a little long. Handled well with movement improving throughout the show. BPIS

Puppy Bitch (2,0)

  1. Poter's - Draytogo Phazed In; 10 months old with tan badger head markings. Well proportioned feminine head with shallow stop. Good length of neck going into well aid shoulders. Good body length and fantastic rear angulation. Harsh coat and correct tail-set. Moved well on neat and tidy feet.

  2. Stoman's - Riosset Raising Agent; 9 months old with heavy tan head markings. Good wedge shaped head, good eye and correct ear placement which she uses to full ad-vantage. Difficult to fully assess as she was so excited but is certainly "bold and friendly" which is an often overlooked attribute. Appears to have been recently stripped so showing in her underwear today. Eventually settled to show a pleasing outline


Junior Bitch (3,0)

  1. Dayman & Cole's - Pacolito Phial Edition; 13 months old with tan badger head. Overall presenting a beautiful outline with well toned body befitting a more mature dog. Correct head, eyes and ears that are used to full advantage. Great angles that produced a flowing effortless movement on this easily spannable and well presented girl. Harsh even coat and noticeable rise above the loin. In real contention today. RBB & RBIS

  2. Porter's - Draytogo Phazed In; 

  3. Chaffe's - Pacolito Rumourmonger;  Another at 13 months old but with lighter tan head markings; a little longer in the body than 1. Good wedge shaped head with shallow stop, correctly shaped and coloured eyes; tends to put her ears back a little but perhaps not liking the venue today as also a little unsettled when moving. In good hard body condi-ton with harsh coat. Easily spannable


Novice Bitch (2,0)

  1. Shelton's - Pacolito Phirstry; 4 years old rough coat with tri coloured head markings. Shorter strong wedge shaped head, ears well set with nice thick leather. Good topline with just enough reach of neck and rise over loin. Spannable and with front legs well under giving good front angulation. Thick pelt carrying quite a heavy coat today. Workmanlike movement.

  2. Wilcox's - Melbourne Minnie; 2 years old with quite a smooth coat in tip top condition. Tri coloured head with a black tail spot. Really unsettled on table and when handler attempting to stand therefore another that was hard to assess fully. She did begin to settle when moving and was attentive to handler and began striding out with purpose. Well muscled and athletic.


Post Graduate Bitch (5,3)

  1. Porter's - Pacolito Italian Phaze; Tan head markings with small tan patch in the centre of the back for this 2 ½ year old. Strong, balanced head with shallow stop. Correct bite with large strong teeth. Easily spannable with good bone and good front angulation. Correct topline c/w rise. Very good rear angulation and tailset. Presented in very good harsh and dense coat. True and straight movement

  2. Chaffe's - Rougeau Simply Sassy; 2 years old with tan patch to head. Nicely proportioned head with correct shaped dark eyes. Good teeth and bite; good size ears with thick leather. Spannable with nicely sprung ribs. Particularly good topline and rear angu-lation. Very friendly girl; played handler up on the move a little.


Limit Bitch (6,1)

  1. Porter's - Pacolito Italian Phaze (See PG Bitch)

  2. Newport's - Digaden Runner Bean; 18 months old with heavy tan making to head and neck along with tan tail and body spots. Smaller head with dark expressive almond shaped eyes. Ears used well and of good size. Easily spannable and very good angulation. Moved and handled very well

  3. Smith's - Tubize Miss Fidget; 4 ½ years old with tri coloured head and tail spot. Overal a slightly taller girl with a beautifully proportioned head. Hard, well toned body: spanna-ble and in good coat. Moved well and presented a pleasing profile

  4. Meyers - Coclestane Cinnamon


Open Bitch (6,1)

  1. Storey & Kelly's - Ch Pacolito Phardante ShCM; Tan head markings with tan extending from root of tail about 1/3 up for this 4 ½ year old. Wonderful strong head, good bite from large teeth, well shaped and positioned ears. Alert and attentive. Great angles all around and spannable with good bone. Very good topline with correct rise and tailset. Thick pelt carrying dense even coat. Presented a good outline at every opportunity and moved effortlessly with drive a purpose. BB & BIS

  2. Shelton's - Boultmoor True Delight; 6 years old with tan head markings. Correctly shaped head of good proportion with dark almond shaped eyes and ears of correct shape and size. Spannable with very good reach and all around good angulation. In good coat and always attentive. Moved and presented very well.

  3. Wood's - Ardencote Trintimes; 5 years old with even tan head markings, tan extending from base of tail and just a little tan body colour. Nicely proportioned head with keen expression. Used ears well. Easily spannable with good all round angulation and a superb even coat. Played handler up on the move.

  4. Steeles - Digaden Get Up and Go


Brace (1,0)

  1. Newport's; Well matched for type and markings moving in unison for their experienced handler. They obviously enjoy what they are doing and always a pleasure to see a display such as this at the end of a show. Well done!

Open Show Summer

Judge: Mrs Frances Champman-King


Best in Show: Bigland - Heythrop Task Master

Reserve Best in Show: Bigland -  Ch Ardencote Tutor with Heythrop

Best Opposite Sex: Dayman & Cole's - Pacolito Phial Edition

Best Dog: Bigland - Heythrop Task Master
Reserve Best Dog: Bigland -  Ch Ardencote Tutor with Heythrop

Best Bitch:  Dayman & Cole's - Pacolito Phial Edition
Reserve Best Bitch: Chalkey - Forgefox Fanfare
Best VeteranBigland - Ch Heythrop Tiadrop;
Best Puppy is Show: Chalkey - Forgefox Fanfare

Reserve Best Puppy in Show: Bigland - Heythrop Toddhunter

It was an honour to judge this club show with such a good entry of quality exhibits. My thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge; and to the exhibitors for bringing their dogs on a very hot summer day. It was a pleasure to see several junior handlers, all competently handling their charges to advantage, at this well run show and super venue.


Veteran Dog (3,2)

  1. Pell- Cassacre Sea Urchin At Olliebank; Enjoying his day, 9 year old with a balanced wedge shaped head & pleasing eye. Good quarters, good coat & pelt. Not quite spannable. Moved out fair on go around, and going.


Puppy Dog (1,0)

  1. Bigland - Heythrop Toddhunter; Typical dog with a pleasing wedge shaped head, good mouth. Dark keen eye. Enough layback, spannable & agile, balanced in body, good quarters Croup & set on. Pleasing outline. Good pelt, coat coming in. BPD

Junior Dog (3,0)

  1. Bigland - Heythrop Task Master; Most pleasing head & keen eye, balanced wedge shape. Good flow of neck to shoulder & all through topline to well set on croup & tail. A balanced typical dog of good length; enough ribbing not oversprung. Spannable& in very good coat & thick loose pelt. Moved out well going & go around, could be better coming too. BD & BIS

  2. Hooley - Hoolmark Jonny Guitar; Pleasing in head & expression, lovely balanced length to height & topline correct. Good layback & quarters. Not quite the coat & pelt of 1, & moving a touch close today.

  3. Hance - Riosset Right to Roam; Strong head, dark eye, well set ears, good bone &in good coat. Not quite the balance of 1 & 2, could be a touch longer in leg.


Special Beginners Dog (1,0)

  1. Routledge - Milvinae Go Sloe; Good wedge shaped head, enough neck, good layback & quarters angulation. In thick deep coat & good pelt. Ears rather heavy. Moved out well enough.


Post Graduate Dog (3,0)

  1. Bigland - Heythrop Taggert; Typical workmanlike dog, good in head & expression. Good front & feet & overall bal. ance in body. Pleasing outline & topline. Well set on & good quarters. Spannable. Moved out well enough.

  2. Foster and Fuller - Hoolmark Paleface; Balanced dog with a strong head, ears could be better today. Enough layback. Strong well-made quarters, ribs well back, well seton. Topline level. Pelt & body coat good, a touch sparse on legs & under. Moved out well.

  3. Hance - Riosset Right to Roam;

Open Dog (6,1)

  1. Bigland -  Ch Ardencote Tutor with Heythrop; Mature workmanlike & typical dog, not overdone in any way. Very good head, ears & keen expression. Good layback, good legs, bone & feet. Spannable. Pleasing body & ribbing. Good pelt & coat. Good size. Pleasing through loin, croup & tailset. Moved well. In the challenge preferred the quarters of BD. RBD & RBIS

  2. Smith and Moon - Heythrop Trickshot for Alncroft; Smart showy young dog with lots to like. Lovely head & eye, &keen expression. Balanced proportions, and of good size. Good clean front & angulated quarters.

  3. Broadberry - Ch Mindlen Magnum at Ratscallion; Completed a trio of quality dogs. Well-proportioned length to height, good head & eye, well laid shoulder, ribs, back, good quarters which he used well on the move. Spannable. Just preferred 1 & 2 through loin & croup. Moved well

Veteran Bitch (4,1)

  1. Bigland - Ch Heythrop Tiadrop; All quality typical, honest bitch. So balanced & sound throughout from nose to tail. Shown in such good order that belies her almost 12 ears. Good size, good pelt. Made her presence felt in the challenge. BV

  2. Hughes - Ch Riplington Black Cherry; Close up, & similar quality bitch. Just preferred the front of 1. Sound and typical throughout. In good coat & pelt.

  3. Newport- Digaden Glamouruss; Feminine headed bitch, with good bone & feet, good front. Heavily speckled coal, moved out well.

Minor Puppy Bitch (3,0)

A good class, with three puppies all at different stages of development

  1. Chalkey - Forgefox Fanfare; More finished than 2 & 3, and of good type, with lovely balance length to height & Rex-ble in body. Most pleasing head, eye & expression. Strong well made quarters, used op the move, pleasing outline. Spannable & good bone & feet. Moved out well. RBB & BP

  2. Broadberry - Forgefox Fern for Ratscallion; Litter sister to 14. Not quite the head head finish of 1 yet. Typical & balanced proportions. Good bone & feet & well angulated quarters. Good coat & pelt. When she moved, she moved out well enough

  3. Smith and Moon - Alncroft in a Spin; The least finished of the three puppies, and has time on her side. Feminine head & eye. Good in bone and showed well. Not quite the front or balance of 1 & 2 at present.

Puppy Bitch (2,1)

  1. Bigland - Heythrop Tangle; Well-handled typical puppy with a pleasing skull, eye & expression. Good ears. Good in body & quarters, ribs back, good bone & feet. Spannable & good coat, & pelt OK. Moved with drive.

Novice Bitch (1,0)

  1. Shelton - Pacolito Phirstry; Feminine bitch, just carrying too much weight to disadvantage, but overall typical.

Good skull & expression, good legs Bone & feet. Good set on & quarters. Coat quite sparse.

Post Graduate Bitch (6,2)

  1. Newport- Digaden Runner Bean; Pleasing type, good skull eye & expression. Pleasing forehand & quarters, balanced in length to height, well ribbed. Spannable & of good size. Moved soundly.

  2. Smith and Moon - Alncroft I'm Bizzy; Feminine head & keen expression. Of good size & typical. Good front, bone, topline & tailset. Spannable & shown in good order. Moved well.

  3. Bigland - Ardencourt Teach In with Heythrop; Sorry - did not stay for critique.

Limit Bitch (5,0)

  1. Matthews - Digaden Coloratura; Typical & pleasing overall make & shape, & sound on the move. Good head & eye, pleasing outline, ribs back. Good quarters. Good pelt. Handled well.

  2. Steele - Digaden Getup and Go; Typical, with a feminine head & keen expression. Good neck & layback, correct topline & well set on looks the part. Sadly not moving as soundly as 1 today & not in her best coat which cost her here.

Open Bitch (9,7)

  1. Dayman and Cole - Pacolito Phinal Edition; Most typical bitch with a pleasing wedge shaped head, dark eye & keen expression. Ex forehand, well made quarters. Ribbed up but not overdone, pleasing body & length.Spannable. Moved out well. BB

  2. Shelton - Boultmoor True Delight;  OK in head properties, ears could be better. Strong well-made quarters, good coat & moved out well enough. Not the shoulder of 1, & carrying a touch too much weight


Special Award Classes

Special Award Judge: Mr. George Blair

Special Award Junior Dog or Bitch (7,2)

  1. Bigland's - Heythrop Task Master

  2. Hooley's - Hoolmark Johnny Guitar

  3. Foster & Fuller's - Hoolmark Paleface

  4. Chalkley's - Forgefox Fanfare


Special Award Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (6,3)

  1. Biglands - Heythrop Taggert

  2. Smiths - Alncroft I'm Bizzy

  3. Chalkley's - Ardencote Tullah

  4. Bigland's - Ardencote Teach in with Heythrop


Special Award Open Dog or Bitch (6:3)

  1. Hughes - Beauforts Charles James

  2. Shelton's - Boultmoor True Delight

  3. Biglands - Ch Ardencote Tutor with Heythrop

Junior Handling Classes

Judge: Mr. Margaret Hooley

6- 11 years

  1. Ameile Smith

  2. Jessica Smith

  3. Ceria Townsend

Championship Show

Judge: Mr Dan Ericcson (Raglan) (Sweden)


Best in Show:  Dayman & Cole's - Pacolito Phial Edition

Reserve Best in Show: Bowden's - Paringer Knock on Wood in Chellowside

Best Opposite Sex: Bowden's - Paringer Knock on Wood in Chellowside

Dog CC: Bowden's - Paringer Knock on Wood in Chellowside
Reserve Dog CC: Broadberry's - Ch Mindlen Magnum at Ratscallion

Bitch CC:  Dayman & Cole's - Pacolito Phial Edition
Reseve Bitch CC:  Smith & Moon's - Ch Alncroft Tussle;
Best Veteran in Show
Smith & Moon's Ch Alncrft I Spy;

Reserve Best Veteran in Show: Blair & Hadley's - Cleeve Hill Kasper
Best Puppy is Show: Bowden's - Paringer Knock on Wood in Chellowside

Reserve Best Puppy in Show: Broadberry's - Rascallion Oklahoma 

Many thanks to the club and its members or inviting me to judge this year's championship show held at Peopleton. No effort had been spared to make the exhibitors and the judge welcome and a nice atmosphere prevailed throughout the day. Special thanks to my two efficient stewards and the show manager for making sure everything ran on oiled wheels.

I was delighted with my winners whom I consider very correct in type and both challenges looked impressive when entering the ring, so well done to breeders and owners! Temperaments were also first-class and so were most coats and pelts. There were however a few dogs of both sexes that I found a little stocky in build and shorter in leg than the standard requires.

Heads also varied from very fine to overly strong.


Minor Puppy Dog (3,0)

  1. Baker's - Just Top Russell to Pacolito; eyecatching 6 months old puppy showing grisat promise, excellent overall make and shape, good head and eye, sound legs and feet hard coat, moved well, liked him a lot.

  2. Broadberry's - Ratscallion Utah; attractive baby puppy but much less developed thr the winner at this stage, good eye, good legs and feet, moved well for one so young

  3. King's - Scapegrace Albus of Riosset;  also 6 months old, delightful temperament, good coat and topline, sound legs and feet, not so pleasing in head at this stage and I four him a little stocky compared to the other two babies.


Puppy Dog, (3,1)

  1. Bowden's - Paringer Knock on Wood in Chellowside; top quality puppy of 12 months, masculine head with correct eyes, ears and expression..sound front, good legs and feet, perfect balance of leg and depth of body, sound quarters, good tail, very sound on the move responding well to his handler. Never gave up trying and landed the dog CC. Res BIS and Best Puppy.

  2. Broadberry's - Rascallion Wyoming; very immature baby puppy, happy temperament, ok in head,body and coat for age, movement difficult to assess.


Junior Dog (4,0)

  1. Bigland's - Heythrop Task Master; very typical young dog of excellent breed type, excellent front and rear, good body for age, good coat, legs and feet, masculine head, perhaps a shade strong in skull, keen eye and expression, deported himself well moving soundly

  2. Hance's - Riosset Right to Roam; well made white dog in excellent hard condition, typical head, good coat, sound legs, heavier in bone and body than the winner and not so easy to span, good move

  3. Tinegate's - Milvinae All Black; another young dog of excellent type and he is well constructed and has a good coat, I would have preferred more strength of muzzle, shows well, just needs time to reach his full potential


Graduate Dog (2,1)

  1. Hall's - Frithgarth Stone Meadow; masculine dog with good head, sound legs and feet, movement, excellent coat texture ok for body, topline not so pleasing and rear end rather weak, also reflected in hind movement, excellent coat texture.


Limit Dog (2, 1)

  1. Biglands - Heythrop Taggert; well made dog with good front and rear, excellent body properties and topline, could perhaps be a little more masculine overall and he fails a file in head and expression, presented ably by his young handler.

  2. Rutter's Boutmooor Badge of Honour; strong masculine dog and in many ways the very opposite to the winner in this class, overly strong in body and he is very wide in front, masculine head, keen expression, sound legs and feet, excellent temperament


Open Dog (5,2)

  1.  Smith & Moon's - Ch Heythrop Trickshot for Alncroft; quality dog who won this class with a bit to spare, excellent type and size, very pleasing head, good legs, sound be-hind, would have preferred better layback of shoulders, presented in first class condition, pressed hard in the challenge

  2. Smith's - Digaden Top Hat and Tails; larger dog, very masculine, well made front and rear, head and expression could be more pleasing and I found him on the long side, very precise mover

  3. Sturdy's - Alncroft Imperial; very happy outgoing dog, rather square in outline and very short-coupled, wide in front, excellent coat, good legs and feet, sound behind, typical head

Champion Dog (5,0)

  1. Broadberry's - Ch Mindlen Magnum at Ratscallion; I liked this dog very much and he handled very well on the table, perfect type and size, good front and rear, ok in head, hard coat in good order, moved well, would have put a little more into showing in the challenge but nonetheless a very good dog indeed. Res CC

  2. Wilson's - Ch Pacolito Highly Prized at Dragonmoor; another masculine quality dog who appealed greatly for type and overall balance, lovely head with excellent eye, ears and expression, good body, coat and rear, excellent temperament, would have liked a straighter front also reflected in movement.

  3. Newport's - Ch Digaden Pitch Perfect; excellent type, perfect overall proportions, lovely outline, masculine head, good front, coat, pelt and body, presented in excellent hard condition, hind movement rather stilted which let him down somewhat in this very good class.


Veteran Dog (4,1)

  1. Blair & Hadley's - Cleeve Hill Kasper; 7 ys old white dog of correct type, very good head and expression, excellent front & rear, a little too heavy in body and rib, moved soundly, in excellent muscular condition but must not gain more weight

  2. Hall's - Frithgarth Jack Frost; 13 years' old dog looking well or his age, excellent over-al proportions, masculine head, a little laboured when moving and somewhat too long in muzzle, good coat, sound legs and feet

  3. Pell's - Cassacre Sea Urchin at Olliebark; lively 9 years old dog, good body, legs & feet, in good coat, not as masculine as those above and he could have been more positive on the move.


Minor Puppy Bitch (2,1)

  1. Broadberry's - Rascallion Oklahoma; delightful 6 months old baby puppy, very good legs & feet, excellent body, toline & quarters, pleasing head with good ears, moved very well for one so young. Coat texture ok, displaying plenty of ticking


Junior Bitch (5,3)

  1. Wood's - Arencote Tarka; promising, very feminine puppy with good head, excellent body properties, needs to centrate more on her performance in the ring, but moved well when focused on the job

  2. Brown & Grange's - Afinlea Wood Leopard; another pleasing puppy but quite different in type with a larger frame, good outline, sound legs & feet, rather fine in muzzle & not so pleasing in expression, showed well, movement needs to improve

Post Graduate Bitch (7,2)

  1. King's - Bramarno Woodvyle of Riosset; lovely type, excellent overall proportions, well constructed throughout with typical head and expression, excellent mover, liked her a lot but she would have benefitted from a little more weight

  2. Steele's - Digaden Get Up and Go; feminine good bitch, not quite the topline of the winner and she could have had a little more drive on the move, very good coat, excel. lent head, good legs & feet, presented in very good condition

  3. Neild's - Logierait Lambie Lalley; good overall conformation, pleasing head, excellent coat, a little short on the legs and topline could be stronger, moved ok


Limit Bitch (8,3)

  1. Kirkby's - Pacolito Recent Rumour; this lovely unexaggerated bitch caught my eye immediately when entering the ring, very typical overall picture, lovely head with good ears and eyes, sound legs & feet, correct body but could have carried a little more weight to advantage, excellent quarters, moved faultlessy. Pressed hard in the challenge, I am sure her day will come

  2. Hobson's - Alncroft Isle See; another very good bitch I liked and many of the comments above also apply to her, just a little wider in front with more spring of rib than the winner, but nonetheless a vey good bitch indeed.

  3. Newport's - Digaden Just So JW; competed a trio of excellent bitches, well made front, good body and rear, excellent coat, not the expression of the two above, sound legs & feet, moved well, perhaps a shade overdone in ribs


Open Bitch (5,0)

  1. Dayman & Cole's - Pacollito Phinal Edition; a most typical feminine bitch that filled my day with textbook construction and sound movement, very good head & expression, perfect ears, balanced front & rear, excellent body in tip top condition, good coat, very feminine all through. Showed faultlessly and won the bitch CC & BIS - well done!

  2. Smith & Moon's - Ch Alncroft Tussle; another very attractive bitch, full of style and self-confidence, sound front & rear, good body, presented to best advantage, not quite the head of the winner, unlucky to meet the winner in this excellent class. Res CC

  3. Sturdy's - Alncroft In Time; feminine more workmanlike bitch of correct breed type, good body, excellent coat, a little fine in muzzle, smaller in size than those above,


Champion Bitch (2,0)

  1. Hooey's- Ch Hoolmark Belle Starr JW; strong bitch with excellent conformation, perfect type, very good overall proportions, most typical head & expression, good coat in excellent order, presented a very good overall picture, movement let her down in the challenge where she pressed hard

  2. Smith & Moon's Ch Alncrft I Spy; all quality bitch presented very well, good head, sound legs & feet, excellent coat, squarer and more streamlined in outline than the winner and I would have liked her tighter in elbow when moving, but nevertheless a very good bitch


Veteran Bitch (4,1)

  1. Newport's - Digaden Playing Truant;  strong, sturdy 8 years old bitch moving with great self-assurance and accuracy, typical head, good coat, tail carriage detracts a little from overall picture

  2. Newport's - Pacolito Xpectations; 12 years old bitch of lovely breed type, but rather weak behind and carrying too much weight, excellent coat & temperament

  3. Neild's - Logierait Little Lotte; feminine bitch standing a little lower on the legs than those above, very good head & expression, preferred shoulders of those above, excellent temperament, movement difficult to assess


Brace Dog/Bitch (3,0)

  1. Newport's; evenly matched brace showing great similarity of type moving in unsison with handler

  2. Newport's; second brace, also of good type, but tail-carrige not so positive and coat colour less similar than the winning brace.

  3. Neild's; yet another good brace of typical Parsons, both dogs a little stockier in build and shorter on legs than those above.

Adult Handing

Judge: Kizzy Porter

I would first like to say a huge thank you to the PRT committee for inviting me judge at their show this weekend. The fist reed that ever handled ware PRT, and i have learnt a lot from people within the breed, so being asker is judge a handling class at the championship show was a real honour.

It was really lovely to see everyone in the class relax and enjoy their time, but also while showing their dogs to the best of their ability. The main thing that was looking for was rapport between dog and handler as I think this is key for success (especially in the handling ring). I know showing the teeth was a foreign idea to many, but just remember to not cover the dog's eyes or be too rough with the mouth. Other than that, I think everyone put in a very respectable performance. Well done.

  1. Sarah Broadberry. I loved Sarah's style of handling as it was very pro-fessional, while still unobtrusive. Pattern work was executed to a high standard with straight lines and tight corners. She did not cross between the judge and the dog, and knew to present her dog side on when finishing her pattern. She was very polite and thanked me after judging, which I think is very important when showing your dog. Overall, a very polished performance. Just have more confidence in yourself!

  2. Zoe King. It was a close call between Sarah and Zoe. Again, Zoe had great pattern work with straight lines and tight corners. A lovely presentation of her dog at the end of judging, and a polite thank you too. She stood her dog perfectly at all times and moved it at the right pace. Just try not to 'eyeball' the judge as this makes the performance feel a little less natural. Other than this, her handling style is very efficient and polished. Well done.

  3. Rebecca Blair. Rebecca was handling a very timid little puppy of just 6 months, but still managed to cope extremely well. She gave him great encouragement and took her time to ensure he was comfortable before carrying on. She managed to show the teeth extremely well for such a young dog, and moved at a good pace for him. One thing to remember is to not distract the judge when encouraging the dog. She showed that she could take on a challenge, and handled her dog to the best of her ability. Well done.

  4. Steph Parry

  5. Dawn Rutter


Junior Handing

Judge: Linda Steele

I would like to thank the PRTC club for inviting me to judge the junior Handling, I had a lovely day.

Aged 6 - 11 (2,0)

  1. Ceira Townsend

  2. Amelie Smith

In my first class I judged two very nice young handlers with very little to choose between them. They both did lovely patterns with nice straight shapes and lines, but when I stood them for the last time, Amelie's dog was looking outside and did not want to concentrate, so losing the bond between the them. This gave Ceira the edge, as the bond with her dog remained good. I awarded Ceira the first place, with Amelie a close second. Well done to you both.

Aged 12-16 (2,1)

  1. Evie Tinegate

My next class unfortunately had one absent, but Evie made up for that as every thing she did was a pleasure to watch; lovely patterns, nice shape, lines and so in tune with her dog and me. Very well done, Evie.

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