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2019 Club Show Results

Spring Open Show

Judge: Maria Sacco (Greycottage)

Best in Show: Bigland's - Ch Ardencote Tutor with Heythrop

Reserve Best in Show: Blair & Hadley's - Cleeve Hill Kasper

Best Opposite Sex: Broadberry's - Forgefox Fern for Ratscalion

Best Dog: Bigland's - Ch Ardencote Tutor with Heythrop

Reserve Best Dog: Blair & Hadley's - Cleeve Hill Kasper

Best Bitch: Broadberry's - Forgefox Fern for Ratscalion

Reserve Best Bitch: Bigland's - Heythrop Tangle

Best Veteran: Blair & Hadley's - Cleeve Hill Kasper

Best Veteran Dog: Blair & Hadley's - Cleeve Hill Kasper

Best Veteran Bitch: Hooley's - Ch Hoolmark Boppin Robyn JW

Best Puppy is Show: Newport's - Cudweed's Master of the Hounds (Imp Dnk)

Best Puppy Dog: Newport's - Cudweed's Master of the Hounds (Imp Dnk)

Best Puppy Bitch: Neild's - Logierait Little Lotte

I'd like to thank the Club and it's members for extending me this invitation to judge the Open Show. It is an honor as an owner/breeder/exhibitor to judge my heart breed in its country of origin. The hospitality of the club was excellent, my stewards kept me on track, the atmosphere was top notch and it was great to see old friends and meet new ones. I thoroughly enjoyed my assignment and thank everyone who showed to me.


A few thoughts on the entries. Overall, I found the entry to be of excellent quality, with very few exceptions. Most of dogs presented to me were "fit for function" and in good condition. I found most of the dogs/bitches had substance without being coarse, better fronts, heads and shoulders than in the past and much more correct double coats. That being said a few were not in condition at all, lacking muscle tone and far too thin. I did notice some coats that were not up to the breed standard lacking the proper double coat this breed should have. A few dogs were not as spannable/compressible as I would have liked and some dogs were not gaiting freely (did not like the mats? New handler? being naughty?) making it difficult to assess movement and some dogs that had poor rear movement. was very pleased to see the junior handlers showing both in the junior handling class as well as the regular classes. They are the future of our sport.



Veteran Dog

  1. Blair & Hadley's - Cleeve Hill Kasper; A veteran in excellent shape with many things to like, moved well coming and going, correct bite, lovely head, spannable, nice front, coat and pelt were correct. Looked equally great at the end of the day as he did in the beginning. BVIS/RBIS/RBD

  2. Highfield's - Bradpole Beau of Guestrwick; Another veteran in excellent shape, spannable, good topline and moved well.

  3. Butter's - Boultmoor Badge of Honor

  4. Kannangara's - Sherosco Lucky Lad


Minor Puppy Dog

  1. Newport's - Cudweed's Master of the Hounds (Imp Dnk); A lovely young dog in great condition. Proper coat, head, shoulders and neck. Was a little naughty on his down and back, hey he is a puppy. Showed very well at the end of the day and was my BPIS.

  2. Chaffe's - Bourbon Beatific Beast (Imp CZE); Another lovely young dog that shows promise. Spannable, correct coat and bite, moved well.


Puppy Dog

  1. Newport's - Cudweed's Master of the Hounds (Imp Dnk); see above, he settled down in this class.

  2. Broadberry's - Ratscallion Utah; Lovely puppy, correct bite, spannable, stood a little wide in front.


Junior Dog

  1. Bowden's - Paringer Knock on Wood in Chellowside; good coat, good expression, correct bite, nice mover.


Limit Dog

  1. Smith's - Digaden Top Hat and Tails; Lovely correct type, good bite, good coat and pelt, moved well, correct top line.

  2. Hooley's - Hoolmark Johnny Guitar; Lovely dog, good outline, spannable, also good coat and pelt, did not move as well behind as 1st place.

  3. Bigland's - Heythrop Taggert


Open Dog

  1. Bigland's - Ch Ardencote Tutor with Heythrop; A lovely smart example of the breed. In top notch condition, solid correct mover coming, going and side gate. Spannable with a good pelt and super coat. Correct proportions, lovely head, good dentition, correct top ine, and his whole structure just felt right under my hands. This is a dog that is "Fit for Function". BD/BIS.

  2. Bigland's - Ch Heythrop Trickshot for Alncroft; Another excellent dog. Good neck, topline and tailset. Lovely expression, correct coat and pelt. Pushed the 1st good on the down and back as I would have liked.

  3. Williamson's - Plunkett Hank Marvin


Veteran Bitch

  1. Hooley's - Ch Hoolmark Boppin Robyn JW; A lovely veteran bitch in great condition, good sub. stance without being dinky another good proportions, lovely outline.

  2. Shelton's - Boultmoor True Delight; Another veteran in excellent shape, good coat and pelt nice topline and outline.

  3. Blair's - Gonetoground Go Getter

  4. Neild's - Logierait Little Lotte


Minor Puppy Bitch

  1. HeythropThimble; Lovely young puppy that shows promise. Moved well, proper bite, nice head, nice outline, coat was a bit soft, but overall a promising puppy.


Puppy Bitch

  1. Neild's - Logierait Little Lotte; Nice typey puppy. Good front, correct bite, lovely head, nice topline and moved well.

  2. Newport's - Digaden Tip Tip; Nice shaped head with lovely expression, also a good front and moved well. Would have preferred a better coat on the day.

  3. Kannangara's - Logierait Loretta

  4. Broadberry's - Ratscallion Oklahoma


Junior Bitch

  1. Broadberry's - Forgefox Fern for Ratscallion; A nicely balanced young bitch of good size and type. Spannable, nice front, good expression, correct bite, nice outline, in good coat condition and felt good under my hands. Moved well for her handler. Showed well in the best bitch class. BB

  2. Chalkley's - Forgefox Fanfare; Litter sister to above dog. Another nice young bitch with many good qualities, spannable, correct bite, lovely expression, in great condition. Just preferred her litter sister on the day.

  3. Aubrey's - Alncroft in a Spin Jenabeck

  4. Williamson's - Plunkett Pocahontas


Novice Bitch

  1. Bigland's - Heythrop Tangle ;Lovely Parson Type, easily spannable, lovely outline and top line, correct bite, good coat and pelt. A very nice young dog. Pushed the BB in the challenge. RBB

  2. Chaffe's - Pacolito Phirstry; Nice bitch with a pretty head, stood a bit wide in front


Post Graduate Bitch

  1. Bigland's - Ardencote Teach in with Heythrop; Nice bitch with a pretty head, stood a bit wide in front

  2. Chalkley's - Ardencote Tullah; Lovely bitch with a good top line, good front, coat and pelt.

  3. Smith - Alncroft I'm Bizzy

  4. Newport's - Digaden Runner Bean


Limit Bitch

  1. Newport's - Digaden Just So JW; A very nice well built bitch, good top line, spannable with a good pelt. Nice head and expression. Moved well both down and back and around. good front. Moved nicely.

  2. Steele's - Digaden Get up and Go; Typey correct sized bitch, good coat and pelt, good topline

  3. Neild's - Logierait Lambie Lalley


Open Bitch

  1. Hooley's - Ch Hoolmark Belle Starr JW; A lovely bitch with proper movement coming and go-ing. Coat in good condition, good pelt, well put together front, but a not as spannable as I would like.

  2. Rimmer's - IR CH Kylini Mona Lisa ShCM; Nice bitch that showed well. Pretty outline, moved well, nice front.

  3. Highfield's - Bradpole Beauty

  4. Newport's - Digaden Made to Measure



  1. Neild


Junior Handling Age 6-11 yrs

  1. Amelie Smith

  2. Ceira Townsend

  3. Seth Broadberry

Lovely to see three juniors showing both in the regular classes and in the junior handling classes. All three were very professional in the presentation of their dogs. They represent the PRT quite well and I wish them all the best of luck!


Junior Handling Age 12-16 yrs

 1. Jessica Smith

Summer Open Show


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Championship Show

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