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2022 Club Show Results

Open Show Spring

Judge: Jill Young (Chadbrook)

Best in Show –  CH Pacolito Phinal Edition

Reserve Best in Show – Digaden Top Form

Best Dog – Digaden Top Form

Reserve Best Dog – Partridgdale Flynn

Best Bitch – CH Pacolito Phinal Edition

Reserve Best Bitch – Ruffntuff Rush of Love

Best Puppy in Show – Heythrop Taranna

Reserve Best Puppy in Show – Partridgdale Flynn

Best Veteran – Heythrop Tiffin

Reserve Best Veteran – Beauforts Charles James

Firstly, I would like to thank the Parson Russell Terrier Club for inviting me to judge this open show albeit a little delayed due to covid.  I enjoyed my day which was the first held outdoors of the year.  I felt the overall quality of exhibits was good with some real types coming through from different kennels.  I was disappointed to see some dogs lacking in condition.  On the whole, most were spannable, excellent coats and good mouths.  I would like to thank all exhibitors for their entry and support.

Veteran Dog (4,1)

  1. Hughes - Beauforts Charles James; Almost 8 yr old dog. Well balanced. Pleasing head strong and masculine. Correct dentition and bite.  Would prefer a bit more reach of neck onto shoulder. Straight front. Good feet with hard pads. Spannable. Strong rear quarters.  Very positive on the move.

  2. Broadberry’s - CH Foxthorn Huron at Ratscallion;  7 yr old dog. Super head and eye, correct dentition and bite, correct neck and shoulder, easy span, good harsh coat, thin in pelt, moderate quarters, moved well. Would like more condition to see him shine.

  3. Blair & Hadley’s - Cleeve Hill Kasper (IMP Bel); Good all-round conformation, this dog has matured well. Clean strong head, ears sit well, dark eye, narrow front, a little deep in chest. Thick pelt and hard coat, Good top line,  well angulated giving rise to great movement.


Minor Puppy Dog (No Entries)

Puppy Dog (2,1)

  1. Hobson’s - Partridgdale Flynn; Up to size pup with pleasing head and good proportions. Strong flat skull and keen expression.  Dark eye. Correct bite and dentition. Good reach of neck and front. Spannable with thick pelt and harsh coat. Carried tail well and strode out well with confidence to take BPD & RBD.


Junior Dog (1)

  1. Walker’s - Digaden Top Form; This boy really caught my eye on entering the ring although he stood alone.  Very well balanced dog with strong masculine head. Excellent ear carriage and correct dentition and bite. Lovely well laid back shoulders. Spanned easily. Thick harsh coat with loose thick pelt.  Correct tailset.  Moderate rear angulation which gave strong rear drive both ways. In excellent condition.  Pleased to award him BD and RBIS.


Post Graduate Dog (No Entries)


Limit Dog (1)

Hobson’s Partridgdale Little Rock – Exh Withdrawn


Open Dog (7,2)

  1. Newport’s - CH Cudweed’s Master of the Hounds (IMP DK) JW;  Lovely outline and nicely sized male.  In fit hard condition. Strong masculine head with focused expression. Correct dentition and bite. Straight front, would prefer a more laid back shoulder. Good feet and easily spannable. Well angulated rear and good tailset. Moved OK.

  2. Newport’s - CH Digaden Pitch Perfect; Bigger male than 1. Reasonably well balanced.  Broad flat skull and strong jaw. Correct dentition and bite. Good reach of neck and shoulder. Straight front and in excellent condition.  Spannable with tight coat and thick pelt. Would prefer a more moderate angulation to the rear. Moved OK.

  3. Bigland’s - CH Heythrop Trickshot for Alncroft; A good sized male with hardened look.  Not as strong in head as 1 but proportionate.  Correct dentition and bite. Straight front. Easily spanned.  Good coat and pelt. More straight rear angulation on this dog and would prefer more condition. Moved OK.


Veteran Bitch (3,0)

  1. Bigland’s - Heythrop Tiffin; Pleasing in outline, typical and feminine. with a most pleasing head and eye. Correct dentition and bite with clean teeth for her age. Good front, legs and feet. Correct topline all through to good quarters. Of good size, spanned and in good coat and pelt. Moving sound all ways.  Pleased to award her BVIS.

  2. Shelton’s - Boultmoor True Delight; 10 yr old. Carrying a little extra condition today but good proportions.  Feminine head, excellent flat skull with good bite.  Straight front.  Spanned ok.  Could have tighter coat.  Well angulated quarters moved her well.

  3. Kannangara’s - Sherosco Christmas Rose; 13 years old.  In excellent condition for her years. Easily managed to show herself off.  Feminine head with good clean bite and correct dentition. Harsh coat. Moved OK.


Minor Puppy Bitch (1)

  1. Bigland’s - Heythrop Taranna; 8 mth old bitch with athletic drive and enthusiasm. Pleasing strong feminine head and keen expression.  Lovely ear carriage.  Correct dentition and bite.  Enough reach of neck onto laid back shoulders.  Easily spannable with good rear quarters. Moved with drive and confidence to take BPIS


Puppy Bitch (1)

  1. Hobson’s - Partridgdale De Havilland; 11 mth old. Lovely outline. Feminine head but would prefer a little more stop.  Correct dentition but incorrect bite.  Ear carriage poor on one side.  Good harsh dense coat with supple thick loose pelt.  In very fit hard condition. Moved well with good rear drive and held her topline well.

Junior Bitch (3,0)

  1. Hughes - Ruffntuff Rush of Love; Overall very good breed type with a lovely head, eye and keen expression. Correct dentition and bite. Would prefer a little more layback of shoulder.  Spannable, good topline and quarters and shown in good coat. Moved well.

  2. Smith’s - Digaden Top Notch; Pleasing outline with feminine head, dark eye, clean front on good feet.  Easily spanned. Good strong rear quarters.  Moved well.

  3. Mitchell’s - Tegtaran Jumbly Juno;  Up to size but nicely proportioned. Pleasing head, correct bite and dentition. Spannable, good coat with thick and loose pelt and correct tail set. Moved well.

Yearling Bitch (2,0)

  1. Bigland’s - Heythrop Topsy Turvy;  Nice size and balanced outline.  Lovely head and carriage.  Correct dentition and bite. Straight front, good reach of neck and nicely laid back shoulder.  Easily spannable, moderate angulation with good tailset.  Could move with more drive.

  2. Chalkley’s - Forgefox Fancy Free; Pleasing outline, nice type, beautiful head and expression.  Correct dentition and bite. Up in size compared to 1.  Spannable. Good harsh coat. Super rear quarters. Moved well.


Post Graduate Bitch (6,1)

  1. Bigland’s - Heythrop Tangletop;  Another bitch from this kennel of similar type.  Nice size and outline.  Super head and ear carriage.  Correct dentition and bite. Quality straight front with easy spannability. Would prefer a little more condition. Moved well all ways.

  2. Broadberry’s - Ratscallion Oklahoma;  Lovely type with strong but feminine head. Well placed ears.  Good bite and balanced length of neck into well placed shoulder. Lacking a little in coat today.  Well angulated quarters.  Moved well with her young handler.

  3. Newport’s - Digaden Runner Bean;  A workmanlike bitch of good proportions. Strong head with excellent ear carriage. Correct dentition and bite.  Would like more reach of neck.  Straight front. Good coat and pelt.  Moved well but carrying a little extra condition today.


Limit Bitch (6,0)

  1. Newport’s - Digaden Spill the Beans;  Another bitch of similar type from this kennel.  Balanced typical strong head with shorter muzzle and strong jaw.  Nicely laid back shoulders and good front and legs. Strong rear excellent tailset and coat. Moved well.

  2. Nixon’s - Gonetoground I Have a Dream;  Different in type to 1.  Very feminine head with good bite and dentition.  Lacking in overall bone with a little too much reach of neck.  Good shoulder placement, front and feet in hard condition.  Rear could be stronger with more moderate angulation. Excellent tailset. Held her topline on the move.

  3. Chalkley’s - Forgefox Fanfare;  Balanced girl with pleasing outline.  Bigger than 1 and 2.  Typical head with strong colour, dark eye and good earset.  Correct dentition and bite.  Good reach of neck with good bone. Spannable. Good coat, front and feet. Moved OK.

Open Bitch (4,1)

  1. Dayman and Cole’s - CH Pacolito Phinal Edition; 5 year old bitch in her prime.  This girl oozed class as soon as she entered the ring.  In excellent condition with good muscle tone, hard pads and feet.  An attractive strong feminine head who has a keen focused expression.  Strong white teeth displaying correct bite and full dentition.  Clean front, easy to span. Harsh coat and thick loose pelt. Strong rear with correct angulation and strong second thigh.  Low set hocks which showed off her well balanced movement which had plenty of drive.  A fine example of the breed. Pleased to award her BIS.

  2. Newport’s - Digaden Tip Top; Good proportions with no exaggeration. Lovely feminine head with correct bite, dark eyes and good ear set. Good strong straight front legs and tight feet. easy to span with strong topline. Low set hocks with second thigh. Good coat with thick and loose pelt. Moved well with plenty of drive.  

  3. Hobson’s - Alncroft Isle See;  Fairly balanced girl with feminine head.  Good ear carriage, dark eye.  Correct dentition and bite.  Good reach of neck, strong straight front, spannable.  In fit condition.  Strong rear quarters. Moved Well.

Junior Handling Classes

Judge: Dee Blatchford

Thank you to the Parson Russell Terrier Club for inviting me to judge the handling at their Club open show. There were some very good junior handlers, all of whom should continue to be encouraged as they are the future of the dog showing. 


6-11 Years (2)

1. Seth Broadberry (10) This young man was dressed smartly and showed his dog to its best advantage. He handled quietly and confidently. He kept to the Golden Rule of not going between me and his dog. When asked to move around the ring in a circuit he neatly swapped his lead into his other hand, moving to the other side of his dog to ensure that he didn’t obstruct my view. His triangle was good. The only this which he could improve on is to stand further away from the judge when presenting his dog at the end of his ring patterns. He was a little too close to me today. 

2. Ernest Broadberry (8) This handler’s dog was very fidgety today but he was patient and eventually got the dog to stand nicely. He broke the Golden Rule a couple of times but I expect that may have been because his dog wasn’t being very cooperative. His triangle wasn’t as neat and accurate as the winner’s but I’m sure that with a bit more practice he will soon be challenging him for first place.


12-16 Years (2)

Both handlers in this class were very competent. I was nit-picking between them and they could easily change places on another day. 

1. Ceira Townsend (14) Smartly dressed to compliment her dog. Executed all the patterns accurately, without breaking the Golden Rule. Quietly confident, showing her dog to its best advantage at all times. 

2. Elayna Mitchell (13) Another good handler and similar comments apply. There were only a couple of minor things that could be slightly improved. Firstly, she could have presented her dog more directly in front of me after executing the ring patterns. Secondly, she was talking to her dog a little too much. Dogs need clear commands and praise at suitable times but for me it was a little too continuous today. Maybe she was a little nervous? But overall a very good handler


Open Show Summer

Judge: Mark Odd

Best in Show - Ch Pacolito Phinal Edition

 Reserve Best in Show - Partridge Flynn

Best Opposite Sex - Partridge Flynn

Best Dog - Partridge Flynn

Reserve Best Dog - Ch Foxthorn Huron at Ratscallion

Best Bitch - Ch Pacolito Phinal Edition

Reserve Best Bitch - Digaden Miss Marigold

Best Puppy in Show - Ratscallion Ricochet

Reserve Best Puppy in Show - Heythrop Taranna

Best Veteran in Show - Ch Foxthorn Huron at Ratscallion

Reserve Best Veteran in Show - Heythrop Tiffin

A very enjoyable judging appointment at this extremely friendly & relaxed show held in an ideal location. Despite the extreme heat conditions we had a large ring which was partly shaded which we all benefitted from. Special thanks to my excellent stewards who did a wonderful job all day. The exhibitors were very sporting, friendly and took my decisions well, this is so lovely to see and be part of as sadly not the case in some breeds these days. A well organised show from a dedicated hard working committee who obviously care about the breed, I wish you all the very best with progressing in the future.


My general observations on the entry presented before me today was on the whole positive. My only negative was movement must be given attention and ears came in a large variety of different sizes & shapes. All exhibits were presented clean and only one showed evidence of over trimming, coats were mainly good with good undercoats often not given enough attention in some breeds. Dentition was pleasing and no kinky tails, one or two rising over the back but a big improvement (in my opinion) to say 10 years ago on my observations of the breed. I thought ribs were mainly capable of being spanned however I would like to see some with ribbing carried further back. Pelts were good & thick with only a few that would benefit from being more pliable.


Veteran Dog (2,0)

  1. Broadberry’s - Ch. Foxthorn Huron At Ratscallon; just approaching 8 this male for me was more positive in his front movement over two, pleasing shape of head with correct dentition & strong jaw, well set & shaped ears, useful site who has not gone deep with age, correct in rib & loin with good top line well held, harsh coat & loose pelt, well shaped feet & tail correctly set, B.V. & R.B.D

  2. Smith’s - Digaden Top Hat And Tails; a little younger than 1 scored well for her strong jaw, well set neck, well shaped feet & correct in bone, correct double coat of pleasing texture & presentation, liked her rib & loin, not as positive in front action as 1 but drives well in rear, correct in tail set & hold.

Minor Puppy Dog (3,0)

  1. Broadberry’s - Ratscallion Ricochet; very raw but thoroughly enjoying his day, super temperament & good to see them enjoying a new experience. Head developing nicely with enough under jaw, well placed neck leading to pleasing shoulder set, body developing well, has excellent top & under line, pleasing in bone & structure, good feet & well set tail, positive movement when he settled into it, B.P

  2. Sorrell’s - Tegtaran Jenson Jeep; similar age to 1 but not as developed in head at this stage, well placed neck, good under line but not top line of 1, needs to drop slightly in rib but has time to do so, correct coat & loose pelt, well set tail

  3. Aspell & Dixon’s - Scapegrace Echo

Puppy Dog (1,0)

  1. Aspell & Dixon’s - Scapegrace Echo;  this young male is quite mature in appearance & hope does not grow on, he was more settled when moved this second time however I would like to see more positive rear movement, has good depth to his chest & is firm in his loin, lovely tail set & carriage & correct feet shape. Well presented clean double coat.

Junior Dog (1,0)

  1. Hobson’s - Partridgedale Flynn; scored highly for wedge shaped head, good jaw & strong bite, well set ears & good eye shape, powerful neck & good shoulder set, a touch more length of upper arm but still better than others today, correct rib & loin, depth to chest & easy to span, loose pelt & correct double coat of good texture, good bend of stifle & parallel hocks, tail appears well set however disappointed that it rises over his back, B. D. & B.O.S.

Limit Dog (4,1)

  1. Walker’s - Digaden Top Form; only young & has excellent potential, pleasing in head & good body proportions, easy span rib & firm in loin, excellent top line, has excellent tail set , length & carriage, well shaped feet with good padding, excellent coat texture & double coat. Won class on his positive movement but then flagged in the heat when challenging for B. Male

  2. Smith’s - Chadbrook Havoc; scored well in body, pleasing size & shape, his head was just a touch too broad in skull for me but was correct in jaw with well set ears & good eye, clean neck & front, liked his tail set & carriage, moved well but not matching the reach of 1 today

  3. Hobson’s - Partridgedale Little Rock

Open Dog (4,2)

  1. Newport’s - Ch. Cudweeds Master Of The Hounds; coming up to 4yrs old, scoring highly in front with a lovely head shape, not as positive in rear today & possibly not driving as much due to the intense heat. Has correct rib, pleasing shape & can easy span, strong firm loin, lovely top & under line, stands well giving a pleasing profile, excellent tail set, length & carriage, super coat & particularly well presented

  2. Bigland's - Ch. Heythrop Trickshot For Alncroft; mature 5 yr old all male, excellent size male with wedge shaped head, good eye & ear placement, muscular in neck, good body proportions, strong rear & pleasing tail. Despite moving well at times tends to stand himself slightly wide in front. Two pleasing worthy male Champions.

Veteran Bitch (2,0)

  1. Bigland’s - Heythrop Tiffin; very pleasing shaped functional terrier & of correct size, moves well fore & aft but think she was feeling the heat later on, super depth to chest with elbows close to her body, excellent top & under line, has great muscle tone & close double coat

  2. Rimmer’s - Ir Ch Kylini Mona Lisa JW; feminine & pleasing in size, prefer rib of 1, has excellent double coat & in hard body condition, moved well, correct feet & well shaped tail.

Puppy Bitch (3,2)

  1. Bigland’s - Heythrop Taranna; well set jaw & correct bite, wedge shaped head, good ears just beginning to settle, strong neck, moving today better in front than rear but one I would like to see in a year's time as has potential, body well developed with good rib & strong firm loin, correct tail, & good feet, excellent coat & well presented, raw & enjoying herself which is great at this age. B.P.B

Junior Bitch (3,1)

  1. Smith’s - Digaden Top Notch; feminine & pleasing size, easy to span rib, wedge shaped head with well set ears, almond eye with keen expression, moved well but particularly in front. Excellent coat & presented a profile picture of balance, well set tail correctly carried & good length

  2. Rimmer’s - Plunkett Prosecco At Kylini; pleasing head with well set ears, good neck, would like a narrower front & not the top line to match 1, tail carried up & over back.

Yearling Bitch (2,0)

  1. Sorrell’s - Tegtaran Tulsy Tuft; would like more strength in jaw, well set ears, strong neck, would like more reach in front when moving, tail well set maybe a little thick at base, in good double coat of good texture & well presented, correct feet

  2. Aspell & Dixon’s - Riosett Rip Roaring At Scapegrace; rather fine in bone & today lacking coat, she scores in top & under line with well set tail which she carries correctly, would like a thicker more pliant pelt.


Post Graduate Bitch (4,2)

  1. Broadberry’s - Forgefox Fern For Ratscallion; 4yr old b harsh top coat & dense undercoat, good body & reasonable in head proportions, has a better front than 2, would like a little more length of neck, well laid shoulder, good depth to chest & firm loin, correct tail

  2. Aspell & Dixon’s - Scapegrace Buffy; finer all through than 1 but pleasing balance, has quite a smooth coat but double, tail a little low set, correct rib & strong firm loin, good feet, not as positive on the move as 1.


Limit Bitch (6,3)

  1. Newport’s - Digaden Miss Marigold; my first 2 could swap around on different days. I prefer the shoulder & upper arm of 2 however 1 moved more positive both from front & rear. She has correct rib & firm in loin, well muscled rear with well set hocks & better in stifle, correct in tail, good double coat well presented

  2. Bigland’s - Heythrop Tangletop; finer head than 1 & would like more under jaw, well set neck, has correct feet & good pads, needs to use her front more, possibly due to heat today

  3. Aspell & Dixon’s - Scapegrace Buffy.


Open Bitch (7,2)

  1. Dayman & Cole’s - Ch. Pacolito Phinal Edition; 5 yr old b & very much the finished picture. Wedge shaped head with correct almond eye & well set ears of correct size & shape, lovely neck & particularly liked her shoulder & upper arm, in excellent body & hard muscular condition, in excellent coat & presented to perfection. Moved with ease & confidence to take top honour today, B.B. & B.I.S

  2. Newport’s - Digaden Spill The Beans; another nice b but of different type to 1, liked her a lot but prefer top line of 1, easy to span rib, good body shape, most lovely head with correct eye & ear, excellent tail, good feet. In super muscular condition & presents a nice profile

  3. Bigland’s - Heythrop Topsyturvey.

Brace (5,1)

  1. Newport’s;  very well matched for breed type, shape & size, moved totally in harmony. Easily identifiable as from same stock

  2. Broadberry’s; this was my best puppy & best veteran paired together, another who are similar but far away in development due to age gap, lovely pair of quality useful terriers shown in excellent condition

  3. Smith’s


Special Award Classes
Judge: Linda Shelton


Firstly, I would like to say how important I feel the Special Award Classes are for any aspiring Judge; to be able to judge in a show environment rather than in a ‘classroom’ assessment setting is invaluable and my thanks go to the PRT Club and its members for allowing me this opportunity to hone my skills! My thanks also to Ken, my Steward on the day, who made the whole experience a pleasant one, as did the Exhibitors who entered under me, thank you for being so sporting about my decisions on the day, it was a pleasure to go over your dogs. One last ‘shout out’ to the youngest handler in the SA classes, well done, look forward to watching your progress.

Junior Dog or Bitch (3,0)

  1. Bigland’s - Heythrop Taranna; Just shy of her first birthday, this bitch is lovely all round and very well settled for her age, both on and off the table. Good head with lovely dark eyes, has good ears and bite, all set in a nice wedge-shaped head with keen expression. Straight front legs and spannable with good ribs. Slight rise over loin and nice tail set. Lovely little mover from all angles, moving out with drive.

  2. Smith’s - Digaden Top Notch; Another lovely young bitch who has a feminine head set with good eyes and ears and bite and a keen expression. Strong, straight front legs, rise over loin, spannable and nice tail set. Pushed for 1st place but preferred movement of 1st on the day.

  3. Broadberry’s - Ratscallion Ricochet

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (5,2)

  1. Newport’s - Digaden Miss Marigold; A bitch in good all round condition. Lovely feminine expression with good eyes, ear set and scissor bite. Lovely temperament on the table. Good pelt with nice top line and tail set and good rear angulation. Spannable and with sound movement.

  2. Newport’s - Digaden Spill the Beans;  Another nice bitch with good bite, eyes and ears and keen expression set in a wedge- shaped head. Slight rise over loin, nice top line and tail set. Spannable. Lost out to 1st place on movement on the day.

  3. Broadberry’s - Forgefox Fern for Ratscallion.

Open Dog or Bitch (8,4)

  1. Newport’s - Ch Cudweed’s Master of the Hounds (Imp Dnk) JW; A dog with much to enjoy in going over him. Well-shaped head, good bite, dark eyes and good ear set. Spannable with strong front and legs. Nice pelt and a good top line on the move with rise over loin. Excellent hindquarters and moved with drive.

  2. Bigland’s - Heythrop Topsyturvey; A 2-year-old bitch who impressed with her good proportions all over. A lovely temperament with a keen expression, good eyes, ears and bite. Spannable and with good top line and rear angulation. Moved around the ring with drive.

  3. Broadberry’s - Ch Foxthorn Huron at Ratscallion

  4. Smith’s - Digaden Top Hat and Tails


Junior Handling Classes
Judge: Oliwia Dr


I'd like to thank the Parson Russell Terrier Club Committee for inviting me to judge their junior handling classes, I had some great young people entered under me who have a lot of potential and I wish them all great success with their dogs in the future. 


6-11 years

  1. Seth Broadberry; This young man has a lot of potential as a handler, giving a very smart performance today, he stacked his dog well on the table and on the floor, gently showing me his teeth well, he had a good rapport with his dog, which he moved perfectly around the ring keeping the lead a good length, I would have liked a slightly neater triangle, however his lines were straight and he always remembered to not get in between the dog and the judge, overall a competent and calm handler. 

  2. Ernest Broadberry; Although not as polished as his brother at times, he definitely made up for it with his enthusiasm and knowledge about his dog! He had a good go at stacking his dog on the table and showed me the bite nicely once his dog had settled, he listened to me closely when completing his patterns and stood the dog nicely, he moved his dog at an good pace when he put his mind to it and with more focus in the future I'm sure he will gain top awards as a handler. 

12-16 years

  1. Ceira Townshend; This handler had a great rapport with her dog and did a great job encouraging him when stubborn at times, managing to still move her dog at the perfect pace after she got him to settle. She shadowed me well and stacked her dog perfectly on the floor and on the table, where she corrected her dog's foot after I moved it, she showed me the bite clearly and sympathetically. Her lines and patterns were very neat and she stood her dog at a right distance away from me when coming back on the move, overall a very good performance today. 


Field Officer Visit


The role of a KC Field Officer has always been to help and support the show secretary and to provide impartial advice where needed. This has undoubtedly helped to raise the standard of dog shows for the benefit of all dog enthusiasts.

Field officers do not grade shows. They will conduct a visit producing a report on their findings. They then discuss this with the secretary of the society in question so there are no surprises. This report is then sent back to The Kennel Club where it is evaluated. If there are no outstanding issues, the grade of excellent is applied and a certificate is issued.

Following the visit of the KC Field Officer to the Club's Open Show back in July 2022 the PRTC is pleased to confirm that the KC Field Officer awarded the grade of excellent and a certificate has been issued.


Championship Show

Judge:  Sara Nixon (Gonetoground)

Best in Show: Smith’s - Ch Heythrop Taskmaster for Alncroft

Reserve Best in Show: Smith’s -  Mindlen Monopoly of Alncroft

Best Opposite Sex in Show: Smith’s - Mindlen Monopoly of Alncroft

Best Dog: Smith’s - Ch Heythrop Taskmaster for Alncroft

Reserve Best Dog: Casson’s - Mindlen Hendricks

Best Bitch: Smith’s - Mindlen Monopoly of Alncroft

Reserve Best Bitch: Bigland’s - Heythrop Topsyturvey

Best Puppy: Bigland’s - Heythrop Toptag

Reserve Best Puppy: Casson’s - Heythrop Toptrick

Best Veteran: Hobson’s - Alncroft Isle See

My thanks to the Club and Committee, Show Manager, my Steward's and all those who worked so hard behind the scenes to make this day such a memorable experience, and for the excellent lunch provided for us during the interval.

Also many thanks to the sporting exhibitors for their support and for bringing such a great selection of lovely dogs for me to go over. On the whole dogs were presented in superb condition.

I was not surprised that some of the exhibits were unsettled, I was expecting a few to be on edge after a noisy night of fireworks and recent shows where some judges have been less than “sympathetic” with their handling. Temperaments on the whole were good.

There are, some undesirable traits appearing; deeper than desired chest and short rib cage. The breed standard also asks for a slight rise over the loin, not a flat back, and the tail should not be high set. We must try our best to preserve the correct type by adhering to the breed standard; it was pleasing to see that many of the bitches had beautiful elegant, flowing toplines. I was spoilt for choice in the Bitch classes with some stunning exhibits. Placings were really down to my personal preference in most of these classes.



Veteran Dog (1,0)

  1. Hughes’ - Beauforts Charles James; White dog with tan head markings and tail spot, 8 years old with a really deep weather proof jacket. Soundly constructed and presented in good condition but sadly not really enjoying his “day out” which was a great shame. RBV


Minor Puppy Dog (4,0)

  1. Bigland’s - Heythrop Toptag; A very pleasing young male. Smooth, tri colour. Deep, dense jacket and neat tight feet. He has all the required attributes. Balanced front and rear angles, good for outline moved soundly. Liked him a lot and was pleased to award him Best Puppy. I’m sure he will be gaining top honours very soon.

  2. Sorrell’s - Tegtaran Ten Ten; Another promising young dog. White with tan markings and good jacket. Over all good for type and well constructed, good temperament just needs a little more time to settle.

  3. Hooley’s - Hoolmark Ringo Kid; Tri colour dog with good broken coat, different type to first two. Needs to tighten up on the move.

  4.  Jones’ - Pacolito Reloaded at Neelan


Puppy Dog (1,0)

  1. Broadberry’s - Ratscallion Ricochet; Tri colour head markings, dense jacket and good pelt with tail spot. Large teeth and good bite. Good for size and span. Well constructed. Nice masculine head. Needs time to mature


Junior Dog (1,0)

  1. Hobson’s - Partridgdale Flynn; White and tan dog with harsh broken jacket. Moved true in both directions. Pleasing head and proportions. Elegant neck and correct tail set. Good tight feet. Best Junior Dog


Yearling Dog (0,0)


Post Graduate Dog (1,1)


Limit Dog (5,2)

  1. Casson’s - Mindlen Hendricks; White with tri head markings. Dark eyes and good bite. Pleasing outline which he held on the move. A fit young male with excellent temperament. Moved soundly both ways. Easy to span RBD

  2. Tagg’s - Hoolmark Emrys; Tri colour dog with good angulation and movement. Tail spot. Different type to 1. Good coat and pelt.

  3. Hobson’s - Partridgdale Little Rock; White dog with tan head markings. Good for size, span, pelt and coat. Just slightly unsettled


Open Dog (0,0)


Champion Dog (3,0)

  1. Smith’s - Ch Heythrop Taskmaster for Alncroft; White with tan head markings, great coat, presented in perfect condition. Great outline and moves soundly. Meets the breed standard in all respects. Such a great Ambassador for the breed and at only 5 years of age must have many more successes to come BD/BIS

  2. Broadberry’s - Ch Mindlen Magnum at Ratscallion; Another really sound male. White with tri colour head markings Liked him as a puppy and he has matured into a very nice balanced dog. Good parallel, straight front legs, lovely temperament and good movement.

  3. Bigland’s - Ch Heythrop Trickshot for Alncroft; White coat with tan head markings and tail spot. Full brother to 1 Good angulation front and rear but not moving to his full potential today.


Veteran Bitch (6,2)

  1. Hobson’s - Alncroft Isle See; White with tan head marking. I wasn’t surprised to find that her progeny are making great strides in the ring. Good true mover, lovely temperament, Moderate angulation, lovely head and easy to span. Fits the standard. Beautiful, close broken coat. BV

  2. Bigland’s - Heythrop Tiffin; A neat feminine bitch with tri colour head markings. Overall good wedged shaped head, nice type. Ears a bit mobile today and lost out to 1 on enthusiasm.

  3. Hooley’s - Ch Hoolmark Belle Starr JW; Different type to 1 & 2. Strong head and good coat and pelt. Sound bitch who strode out well.

  4. Shelton’s - Boultmoor True Delight


Minor Puppy Bitch (4,2)

  1. Casson’s - Heythrop Top Trick; White with tan head markings, maturing nicely. Moved out soundly, lovely outline. Neat feet. Very promising youngster.

  2. Sorrell’s - Tegtaran Jubilee Jewel; Pretty feminine bitch, very good for type, still very much a baby, all she needs is a little more time.


Puppy Bitch (4,1)

  1. Sorrell’s - Tegtaran Tynety Thyme; Rather immature but sound when she settled. Tri colour markings with tail spot. Good angulation and neat head. Promising youngster who I am sure will have a bright future.

  2. Broadberry’s - Fajna Dziunia Mysia Zaglada at Ratscallion; A different type to 1 Plenty of bone, very dense jacket and thick pelt. Needs time to settle.

  3. Lady T Welsersheimb’s - Goldie of Rosehiphill; Very pretty feminine puppy, broken coat, with lovely outline and when she settled moved out well. Needs time to mature and ringcraft.


Junior Bitch (4,2)

  1. Evans & Barnes’  - Bellvalley’s Kissed by Fire; White with tan head markings. Excellent for type, and good angles front and rear. A very pretty feminine bitch who moved true both ways. Super broken coat. Very promising pushed hard in the challenge. JB

  2. Lady T Welsersheimb’s  - Goldie of Rosehiphill


Yearling Bitch (4,2)

  1. Smith’s - Mindlen Monopoly of Alncroft; Yet another lovely young female. Meets the standard in all respects from her lovely dense broken coat, to typical head with tri markings, dark expressive eyes and neat ears. Good reach of neck, well muscled frame with equal angulation giving rise to correct movement both ways. BCC

  2. Hughes’s  - Ruffntuff Rush of Love; Was willing her to find her mojo. She is so good for type but sadly just not looking as confident today.


Post Graduate Bitch (5,3)

  1. Kirkby’s - Mindlen Miami; Another lovely female, good for type, nice head with tan markings, pleasing reach of neck and tight broken coat. True movement coming and going.

  2. Miss E Chaffe’s - Mollilli Simply Zelda; Distracted on the move, so was difficult to assess her action but good for type when stacked. Tan head markings, dark eye and neat ears. Would like tighter feet.


Limit Bitch (4,2)

  1. Bigland’s - Heythrop Topsyturvey; White with tri colour head markings. Lovely feminine bitch who was easy to span, moderate angles front and rear. Elegant outline with correct rise over the loin. Dark almond eyes, tight ear set and pretty wedge shaped head. Carries her tail well on the move Expertly handled. RBB

  2. Kirkby’s - Pacolito Recent Rumour; A nice type of female with tan head markings and dense jacket. Well angulated front and rear


Open Bitch (5,2)

  1. Bigland’s - Heythrop Tangletop; Another beautiful female from this kennel. White with distinctive head markings and almond shaped dark eyes, correct ear placement. Easy to span, great temperament, excellent for balance and topline. Tight feet, straight legs, moderate angles front and rear.

  2. Smith’s - Ch Alncroft Tussle; Lovely feminine bitch and the placings in this class were purely down to my preference. Good in all respects, beautifully handled and presented as are all dogs from this kennel.

  3. Roberts and Murray’s - Mindlen Micmac at Heythrop; Another lovely female with good pelt and jacket, topline and angulation. True mover


Champion Bitch (2,1)

  1. Roberts and Murray’s - Ch Mindlen Moccasin; White with tri colour head markings. Great presentation and handling. Good angulation front and rear. Good lay of shoulder, nice topline. Tight feet, straight legs viewed from front. Correct rise over the loin, moved out soundly.


Brace (1)

  1. Miss T Casson


Barry Jones Special Progeny  (1)

  1. Tegtaran Progeny of Mindlen Malfy Tegtaran

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