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1990 Crufts Results

As some people reading this maybe aware, PRT's gained recognition from the Kennel Club (now the Royal Kennel Club) in 09th January 1990. That year there was a limited number of shows that had classes. One of these being Crufts, of which the results are below.

Judge: Alan Small

Best of Breed: Blencathra Badger

Best Opposite Sex: Ripley Replica

Best Dog: Blencathra Badger
Reserve Best Dog: Somervale Danny

Best Bitch: Ripley Replica
Reserve Best Bitch: Ridley Rebecca of Cassacre

A most enjoyable day, and indeed a great honour to judge the breed for their first time at Crufts. A nice entry to go over, but perhaps split classes plus a puppy class would be greatly appreciated next time. Coats generally were good and the majority of dogs were spannable. They were a happy lot and seemed to be enjoying their day.  A few did seem a little overcome by all the noise and lights, with one in particular letting his lady owner down by neither settling nor moving anything like his true self. I judged to type with the standard in mind, it is the blueprint for the breed and on this point feel that both ears and eyes need to be watched.

Special Junior Dog/Bitch (7,0)

  1. Samways - Ridley Rebecca of Cassacre (Bitch);  nice rough-coated bitch, good keen expression with correct ear set and good bite, spannable, in good coat, moved and handled well. 

  2. Sunkler - Ridley Poacher (Dog); similar at 1 as he should, being the full little brother, good type, moved well 

  3. Colbert - Trebloclin Tosh (Dog)


Post Graduate Dog/Bitch (10,3)

  1. MacKereeth - Tithebarn Talley (Dog); rough coat tri d by BOB winner, neat ears, good eyes, correct bite, he would not settle early on but came good in the challenge, preferred outline and tail set over 2

  2. Peare - Tithebarn Bracken (Dog); rough coated tan and white, spannable dog, good expression, moved well

  3. Copping - Romaco Troy Boy (Dog);

Open Dog (15,2)

  1. Ross - Blencathra Badger; broken coated tri, coloured dog with tan ear and spot on tail, well balanced and easily spannable, good topline and tailset, he had a keen expression with neat well-set ears, correct ears set with good bite, good front, legs and pads, fit as a flea, a happy dog that moved well

  2. Rich - Somervale Danny; neat eared dog with a good bite, good spannable body, nice front and legs, correct tailset, moved and handled well. 

  3. Hancock - Ragford Rascal; Another good one that challenged well, making a trio of nice dogs

Open Bitch (8,1)

  1. Atter - Ripley Replica; rough coated tri, coloured head with spot of tail, keen expression, correct ear set and good bite, nice front, spannable good bend of stifle, showed and moved well.

  2. Rich - Somervale Katey; well balanced bitch, nice head and ears, correct bite, nice body, spannable, correct tail set, well presented

  3. Ross - Blencathra  Nettle; very neat bitch, sister to BOB winner, held her own in strong class

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