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1998 Club Show Results

Open Show Spring

Judge: Brenda Banbury

Best in Show: Howlbeck Izzi-Rite for Jagen

Reserve Best in Show: Fellshied Top Talent

Best Opposite Sex: Fellshied Top Talent

Best Dog: Howlbeck Izzi-Rite for Jagen
Reserve Best Dog: Howlbeck Rymshott Able Lad

Best Bitch: Fellshied Top Talent
Reserve Best Bitch: Clystlands Cracker Jack

Minnor Puppy Dog

  1. Hutchins- Ratpack Adrenalin Rush NAF 

  2. Hussey-Wilford - Clystlands Top Brass

  3. Culter - Trumpmoor Exmoor Artist


Puppy Dog

  1. Evans & Turner - Glanpresell Bill Sykes

  2. Hutchins- Ratpack Rasputin

  3. hompson & Winn - Roachhill Spick N Span


Junior Dog

  1. Tagg - Howlbeck Rymshott Able Lad

  2. Handy & Field - Fellshied Tango

  3. Evans & Turner - Glanpreseli Harry Houdini


Novice Dog

  1. Glanpreseli Bill Sykes


Graduate Dog

  1. Bigland - Heythrop Trader

  2. Simpson - Howlbeck Uno-Who

  3. Kime - Foxtales Earth Bound

Post Graduate Dog

  1. Hutchins - Howlbeck Murk'y Moss of Ratpack

  2. Moore - Clystlands Merry Maker

  3. Campbell - Lenacourt Laplander

Open Dog

  1. Price - Howlbeck Izzi-Rite for Jagen

  2. Wood - Ardencote Trooper

  3. Hutchins - Guestwick April Skipper of Ratpack

Minor Puppy Bitch

  1. Price - Jagen Ricki Lake

  2. Tagg - Rymshott Pipers Aura

  3. Evans & Turner - Glanpreseli Rebecca Riot

Puppy Bitch

  1. Hutchins - Ratpack Faith Healer

  2. Denby-Gardner - Lenacourt Lost in the Mist at Ammanday

  3. Evans & Turner - Glanpreeli Sali Mali

Junior Bitch

  1. Handy & Field - Fellshied Tiara

  2. Hindle & Wilkes - Alne Withycombe at Hindlewalt

  3. Bygates - Windynook Sweet Sorrento

Novice Bitch

  1. Simpson - Howlbeck Penny a Day

  2. Hutchins - Raljo Fern of Ratpack

  3. Evans & Turner - Glanpreeli Sali Mali

Graduate Bitch

  1. Cutler - Trumpmoor Exmoor Amour

  2. Bull - Aurgwen Amber

  3. Kime - Double Take


Post Graduate Bitch

  1. Harcourt-Morris - Belmorr Dash of Lenacourt

  2. Cutler - Trumpmoor Exmoor Antic

  3. Hutchins - Ratpack Gangsters Moll


Open Bitch

  1. Handy & Field - Fellshied Top Talent

  2. Hussey-Wilford - Clystlands Gad About

  3. Price - Jagen Ginger Rogers

Veteran Dog or Bitch

  1. Hussey-Wilford - Clystlands Cracker Jack

  2. Moore -  Clystlands Pepperpot


  1. Hutchins

  2. Cutler

  3. Moore

Open Show Summer

Judge: Cass Samways

Best in Show: Rocky Mill at Riplington

Reserve Best in Show: Glenholm Quinto for Bridgegard

Best Opposite Sex: Fellshied Tiara

Best Dog: Rocky Mill at Riplington

Reserve Best Dog: Glenholm Quinto for Bridgegard

Best Bitch: Fellshied Tiara

Reserve Best Bitch: 

Best Puppy in Show: Belmorr Guinevere

Best Veteran: Glenholm Erik of Belmorr 

Minor Puppy Dog

  1. Collis - Riplington Under the Wood

  2. Nixon - Belmorr Galahad

  3. Moore - Moonreapers Villain

Puppy Dog

  1. Nixon - Belmorr Galahad

  2. Gibney - Gudaljara Moonraker

  3. Fellshied Raise the Banner


Junior Dog

  1. Hussey-Wilford - Clystlands Whip Crack Away

  2. Sollis - Lilyrose Mr. Jolly T.A.F.

  3. Evans & Turner - Glanpreseli Bill Sykes

Novice Dog

  1. Bull - Aurgwen leuan Mawr

  2. Evans & Turner - Glanpreseli Bill Sykes

  3. Wells - Fellshied Tantivy


Gradate Dog

  1. Hughes - Barsetta Nesbit of Ruffntuff

  2. Nixon - Howlbeck Hooray Henry

  3. Casey - Hoelio Mich


Post Gradate Dog

  1. Gardner - Glenholm Quinto for Bridgegard

  2. Bigland - Heythrop Trader

  3. Moore - Clystlands Merry Maker


Open Dog

  1. Collis - Rocky Mill at Riplington

  2. Rickward - Helio Mack


Minor Puppy Bitch

  1. Morrison - Belmorr Guinevere

  2. Philp - Honeymist Indiana of Muhlross

  3. Bull - Aurgwen Aurora

Puppy Bitch

  1. Morrison - Belmorr Guinevere

  2. Handy & Field - Fellshied Listen to Us

  3. Moore - Hoelio Holly

Junior Bitch

  1. Handy & Field - Fellshied Tiara

  2. Milne - Hoelio Foxy Lady of Glenholm

  3. Hindle & Wilkes - Alne Withycombe at Hindlewalt

Gradate Bitch

  1. Stark - Clystlands Twelfth Night

  2. Nixon - Howlbeck Pick n Mix

Post Gradate Bitch

  1. Gardner - Glenholm Crazie for Bridgegard

  2. Bull - Aurgwen Amber

  3. Clystlands Twelth Night


Open Bitch

  1. Bigland - Ardencote Tittletatle 

  2. Handy & Field - Fellshied Top Talent

  3. Morrison - Ridley Favour of Belmorr 

Veteran Dog or Bitch

  1. Morrison - Glenholm Erik of Belmorr 


  1. Handy & Field

  2. Bulls

Championship Show

Judge: Mrs J Wood

Best in Show: Fellshied Top Talent;

Reserve Best in Show: Howlbeck Izzy-Rite For Jagen

Best Opposite Sex: Howlbeck Izzy-Rite For Jagen

Dog CC: Howlbeck Izzy-Rite For Jagen
Reserve Dog CC: Mindlen Hairy Minnow

Bitch CC: Fellshied Top Talent;
Reserve Bitch CC: Riplington Sheep Shearer 
Best Puppy is Show: Jagen Gabriella Girl at Jappatin,


It was a great privilege to judge the second ever Parson Jack Russell Terrier Club Championship Show and I thank the exhibitors for the excellent entry of 149 dogs, the 31 absentees still left 118 to go over. I must also thank my very efficient stewards Maureen Broadstock and Dave Roberts for the sterling job they did in keeping the day flowing along smoothly.I feel that for the good of the breed I must be honest and critical in this critique. It is difficult to be constructive in criticism but please do believe my reason for writing what follows is to be just that in the hope that I may in some small way be able to help the breed move forward and unify.

Some exhibits could have been better presented, however this is a difficult time of the year to get the coats quite right, especially with kennel dogs, but there is no excuse for dogs being dirty and in some cases smelly. There are some very good dry shampoos on the market, if it is too cold for bathing. It was disappointing to find some coats showing signs of clipping and scissoring and some exhibits had been stripped out so recently that they were in their underwear. Coat is described in the breed standard and it is difficult to judge a coat against that standard if there is no coat.

On reflection type is becoming far more varied than it was a few years ago. It is easy to criticize this, but one must remember that in most breeds type is variable, due, in my opinion, to the element of variation in how we interpret the breed standard. It is therefore quite natural that the stronger the breed numerically the more people there are to interpret the standard differently.

However, I do hope that it does not continue to divide into even more different types at the speed it seems to be doing at present. Perhaps breeders, exhibitors and judges need to look toward their blueprint for the breed a little more closely. The old pictures of the Reverend John Russell's dogs are invaluable and show us what we should be aiming for, but please don't confuse these with the pictures from the early 1900s, which are of the early Fox Terriers who shared common ancestry with the Parson Jack Russell of today. I feel it is most important that we do not gradually allow our dogs to develop along the same lines as Fox Terriers. Our dogs were described in the Kennel Club announcement of recognition as 'A variant of the Fox terrier' but they must stand apart from the present day Fox Terrier, as a different breed.

I was concerned at the lack of depth of quality amongst the dogs but felt that there was a good depth of quality amongst the bitches, I was sorry in many of the bitch classes to have to send some from the ring cardless. It seems that often bitches are of a higher quality than dogs in many breeds, but let us remember the importance of good stud dogs and not just use the dog next door for convenience.


There was a great variance in size, which was worrying, with some dogs being very tall and others only just raising the measure. Some of the taller exhibits were really quite narrow, whilst we don't want very wide fronts we should remember that this is a breed that needs stamina and this requires room for heart and lungs. With the narrow fronts tended to go a lack of spring of rib which again, whilst we don't want barrel chested dogs, we do need some spring of rib. The all important thing is that the shoulders and ribs are flexible, not narrow to the extent of losing balance. Some in the carly dog classes were really quite thin and it does worry me that they were possibly being under done in an effort to keep size down and the rib small.


I was disturbed to find a few exhibits with less than a 'perfect, regular and complete scissor bite'. Whilst in this country we do not have to count a full mouth, our standard does call for the aforementioned and to my mind perfect is just that. 'Regular' meaning that teeth are uniform in size, where appropriate, and neatly in line. 'Complete' does suggest that there should be six incisors top and bottom, unless a veterinary letter is produced explaining why one is missing and confirming that it was present and correct previously. A scissor bite is simply one where the top teeth closely overlap the bottom teeth.

A few exhibits were apprehensive and one or two seemed to find the floor a problem. I am as guilty as any of not getting to enough training classes, but it is difficult for a judge to know whether a dog is moving or behaving badly because of the surroundings or just because that is his way, one can only judge the dog on the day. Quite a few exhibits had long nails in need of cutting back, several had thin pads and hare feet whilst some were short of muscle tone, unfortunately none of these factors help movement.


Although I have mentioned many bad points I have no wish to be negative about the breed and I must say it was encouraging to find lots of lovely PJRTs amongst the entry which I felt honoured to have been chosen to judge, thank you all very much for bringing your dogs along. BIS and BCC went to Norman Handy and Norma Field's Fellshied Top Talent, a lovely type of bitch who just could not be ignored. Good all through, correct wedge shape head with good dark eye and expression, good earset, good reach of strong neck with just enough arch which flowed into a well laid shoulder, good topline and tailset, nice thick pelt with lovely coat, correct balance and bone, moved very true fore and aft on good feet. DCC and BOS and RBIS Les and Pat Price's Howlbeck Izzi-Rite for Jagen, from where I stood this was the best moving dog in the show, as would be expected from one as well constructed as he is, at nearly three years of age just coming to his best.

Decided to play hard to handle in the challenge for BIS. BP Pat and Jan Dooner's Jagen Gabriella Girl at Jappatin, at only 7 months this young lady moved and showed like an old hand. She is very well balanced with a good head, nice dark eye, correct earset, lovely reach of neck, good shoulder, just enough body for her age, good height to length ratio, strong quarters, I do hope that she grows on to dori her early promise. On reading the catalogue later I see that she is by the dog ticket winner and litter sister to the winner of MPD.

Minnor Puppy Dog (18,3)

  1. Dooner - Jagen Jerry Springer At Jappatin; Nice puppy who is very mature and well balanced for his age, good jacket, pleasing outline, nice eye and earset, enough bone and good feet

  2. Cutler - Trumpmoor Exmoor Tee Bone

  3. Cannell - Cony Island Jake

Puppy Dog (12,3)

  1. Cannell - Cony Island Jake; Good head and earset, eye could be a tad darker, nice bone and overall balance when standing which he lost a little on the move, not wearing his best coat

  2. Moore - Moonreapers Spy; Nice type with a pleasing head, another not in the best of coats, feet need to tighten

  3. Doyle - Howlbeck Super Guy


Junior Dog (8)

  1. Carter - Belmorr Gallant;  Nice head with good eye and expression, good neck fitting well into shoulder, good topline and tailset, needing to settle in movement

  2. Collis - Hardytown Turk At Riplington; Good head and reach of neck, super jacket, good to span, just not quite as pleasing in outline as one

  3. Sollis - Lilyrose Mr Jolly


Novice Dog (6,2)

  1. Cannell - Cony Island Jake;

  2. Sollis - Lilyrose Mr Jolly; Nice type with good head, eye and earset, nice thick pelt but coat not at its best, good bone and feet, outline spoiled by gay tail.

  3. Milne - Glenholm Archie Of The Grange

Graduate Dog (6,1)

  1. Simpson - Howlbeck Uno-Who; Nice size with just enough bone, well balanced, super pelt as with all from this kennel, pleasing outline with strong quarters which he used to his advantage on the move.

  2. Hutchins - Ratpack Rasputin; Correct size and height to length ratio, skull a little narrow for me and slightly lacking in stop, good bone and feet, easy to span, moved well.

  3. Handy and Field - Fellshied Raise The Banner


Post Graduate Do (7,1)

  1. Philo - Quesera Qui Vive; Good size and overall shape but just a little feminine in head,good bone and feet, moved well

  2. Kime - Foxtales Earth Bound;  Good head and eye, nice balance with correct amount of bone, did not help himself on the move.

  3. Bigland - Heythrop Trader


Limit Dog (11,1)

  1. Tagg - Howlbeck Rymshott Able Lad;. Good head carried on super neck which flowed well into his shoulder, good balance, bone and feet, presented in lovely coat, moved O.K. lost his chances of being placed higher by totally losing interest in the challenge.

  2. Collis - Rocky Hill At Riplington; Very well constructed dog I just preferred the head of the class winner.

  3. Hussey-Wilford - Clystlands Mulberry


Open Dog (8)

  1. Price - Howlbeck Izzy-Rite For Jagen;

  2. Collis - Riplington Bumpy Rhode; A slightly different type to the class winner but still good all through with lovely head, eye and expression, good balance, span and bone, not wearing his best coat today

  3. Philp - Ch Mindlen Hoolet Of Muhlross


Veteran Dog (2)

  1. Murray and Miller - Mindlen Hairy Minnow; 8 years young and what a credit to his owners, good head with a dark sharp eye that shows character, good neck flowing into shoulders that have not gone feminine bitch with appealing head and expression, nicely constructed on slightly different lines to the class winner.

  2. Hutchins - Ratpack Addicted To Love

Puppy Bitch (13,1)

This was a super class of quality young bitches.

  1. Bull - Aurgwen Aurora Gale; Lovely type, good head, neck and shoulder, pleasing outline, just enough bone, moved well.

  2. Handy and Field - Fellshied Listen To Us; Very little separated these two bitches they could easily change places another day.

  3. Simpson - Howlbeck What A Girl


Junior Bitch (14,2)

  1. Gibney - Gudaljara Sorrell; Nice size with a good head, eye and earset, good reach of neck fitting nicely into well made shoulder, strong over the loin and good tailset, well balanced.

  2. Evans and Turner - Glanpreseli Rebecca Riot;  Very little separated these two bitches they could easily change places another day.

  3. Simpson - Howlbeck What A Girl 

Novice Bitch (9,1)

  1. Gibney - Gudaljara Sorrell;

  2. Denby-Gardner - Lenacourt Lost In The Mist At Ammanday; Feminine bitch with nice head, good bone and coat,outline spoiled a little by tailset,moved O.K.

  3. Cannell - Queen Bess Of Pool

Graduate Bitch (9,2)

  1. Handy and Field - Fellshied Tiara; Good in profile but perhaps a little tall and narrow for me, super coat and pelt as with all from this kennel.

  2. Hudges -Trumpmoor Exmoor Tipsy Of Ruffntuff; Good type who just lost out to the class winner on coat and hind angulation.

  3. Kime - Double Take

Post Graduate Bitch (10,3)

  1. Culter - Trumpmoor Exmoor Amour;  Good head with correct eye and earset, nice foreface, super pigmentation, good balance and bone.

  2. Samways - Belmorr Eight Belles Cassacre;  Appealing feminine head with nice eye, good neck fitting well into pleasing shoulder, good balance and quarters.

  3. Milne - Hoelio Foxy Lady Of Glenholm


Limit Bitch (13,5)

  1. Harcourt- Morris - Belmorr Dash Of Lenacourt; Nicely balanced bitch, good neck and lay of shoulder, good to span, just right over the loin, shown and presented well.

  2. Thompson and Winn - Howlbeck Wild Rose; Little separated these two and similar remarks apply, just a size smaller.

  3. Handy and Field - Fellshied Telltale

Open Bitch (10,2)

  1. Handy and Field - Fellshied Top Talent;

  2. Collis - Riplington Sheep Shearer;  Very little separated these two, this very feminine bitch is just a couple of sizes smaller and to be ultra critical I would prefer both to be a little nearer each other in size but this is being picky and neither could be denied their placing.

  3. Roden - Howlbeck Princible Dancer Of Quarrymist

Veteran Bitch (1,1)


Brace (8,2)

  1. Samways; A very well matched pair of typey exhibits who showed well together

  2. Hutchins; Another well matched pair of terriers, who just lost out to the winners on breed type.

  3. Murray and Millers 

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